The Many Uses of Corsets

The Many Uses of Corsets

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Some garments are one-trick ponies. Gloves, for example, are designed to keep your hands warm. Other items of clothing may have all kinds of uses. Modern sports pants, for example, can stretch to fit your body, compress to hide a belly pooch, wick away sweat, and even offer pockets perfectly sized for your iPhone, house keys, or an ID and credit cards. Soon they’ll be alerting you when it’s time to work out or eat a healthy snack.

While you may not realize it, corsets fall into the second category. There are myriad uses of corsets that most wearers never even think about. Here are a few benefits you’re sure to enjoy when you don a corset and start a waist training regimen.

Slim the Waist

When it comes to everyday uses of corsets, slimming the waist tops the list. Whether it’s a one-time deal for your wedding day or you decide to try long-term waist training, the main reason women wear corsets is for the compression, support, and body contouring they provide.

Their strength comes from rigid, steel boning and robust fabrics and lacing that allow the wearer to adjust the tightness of the garment. You’ll have to decide what style of corset you prefer for your shaping needs (underbust, overbust, waspies, longlines, etc.), as well as the spring you want (the ratio between the waist and the top/bottom edges of the corset, determining how curvy it is). With an ongoing waist training schedule, you can achieve semi-permanent results.

Improve Posture

Bad posture is a plague on modern society. No one goes to finishing school and learns to walk while balancing books on their head anymore (although, to be honest, that might just be something we see in the movies). Worse, most of us sit at a desk all day, slumped over a keyboard, slowly turning into hunchbacked Igors.

While slouching can certainly affect your looks, it can also impact your spinal health, leading to chronic pain and all kinds of other health issues later in life. Luckily, a stiff corset can force you to sit and stand up straighter. In some cases, it could even help to strengthen your core as you adopt new habits like sitting erect.

Ease Pain Symptoms

Corsets are not approved as a treatment for pain or any particular medical condition. Still, wearers may find that this garment’s unique, supportive properties do wonders for a range of pain symptoms. For starters, corsets can be a real boon for women with large/heavy breasts.

If the weight and bulk of your breasts leave you dealing with back and neck pain, not to mention the discomfort of bra straps and underwires digging into your skin, corsets may offer an ideal solution. Overbust styles can completely eliminate the need for a bra, and the compression and support corsets could help keep the girls secure, alleviating pain symptoms.

Corsets can also help with back pain related to bad posture, and in some cases, wearing a corset could even help prevent back injuries. For example, you can’t bend to lift things when wearing a corset, so you pretty much have to do it properly and lift with your legs.

Some women claim that corsets can also help to alleviate menstrual cramps. As of yet, there is no medical evidence to support this, but there’s no shortage of anecdotal support for the position. If you suffer significant cramping on your period and you’re sick of downing aspirin each month, you might want to give corsetry a try and see if it works for you.

Look Fantastic

There’s no denying the appeal of contouring your body into epic hourglass proportions to look your best in or out of clothing. Whether you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom or you want every ensemble to flow flawlessly over your perfect curves, corsets give you the option to create the body shape you prefer. With a long-term waist training regimen, you can even achieve semi-permanent contouring results.

Non-Physical Uses of Corsets

Believe it or not, some of the best uses of corsets may have little to do with the physical benefits they provide. Even if you’re not necessarily waist training, wearing a corset can help to smooth your torso, contour your shape, and ensure clothing looks great, boosting your confidence in the process. When you look good, you feel good, and corsets can help you achieve the beautiful, sexy silhouette you crave.

Corsets may also provide a feeling of comfort and stress relief. Imagine wearing a hug around your midsection all day, and you get the idea. With products like thunder blankets for dogs and weighted blankets that calm a person’s autonomic nerve system, it’s no great leap to understand why some people swear by wearing a snug corset to alleviate feelings of anxiety. Also see: The Mental & Emotional Benefits of Corsets

While you may have any number of reasons for donning a corset daily, you’ll no doubt be pleased to discover that a whole host of benefits awaits when you start a waist training regimen.

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