How Long Should You Wear a Waist Trainer?

How Long Should You Wear a Waist Trainer?

One of the most common questions from people new to waist training is about how long to keep their trainer on. 

If you’ve met an experienced waist trainer who keeps their garment on for eight hours or more a day, you might have unrealistic expectations of yourself. In reality, starting out too enthusiastically can actually sabotage your success with waist training. 

Waist training is something you can do for yourself even while you’re busy taking care of others. But any new habit takes some getting used to. After all, if you’re just starting an exercise regimen, you wouldn’t expect to be able to work out five hours a day every day. 

If you’re just getting started with waist training, you shouldn’t expect yourself to wear a corset for extended hours day after day. 

Season With Love

Rushing in without properly seasoning a waist trainer is one of the most common mistakes people make. It’s also one of the most common reasons for giving up. Without proper seasoning, your corset will pinch, pull, and rub. That’s no fun at all. 

We know you really are a superhero, but when it comes to breaking in a corset, let’s pretend you are a mere mortal with ribs and lungs that need to function all day long. 

Seasoning a corset means slowly breaking it in. Start by wearing it for no more than an hour for the first few days. If you feel comfortable, increase the time to two hours a day. Continue adding another hour of wear every few days. 

By the time you are in the second week of seasoning, you will probably be able to wear your waist trainer four hours a day or more. If not, that’s okay, too. Take your time, and follow the signals your body is sending. 

If, at any time, you experience chafing or bruising, cut back on your wear time. You might also try loosening the laces slightly for a few days and then build back slowly. 

Once it is properly seasoned, not only will your waist trainer feel comfortable, but it will conform to your body like a second skin, hugging all your lovely curves and angles. 

Waist-Training Schedule

Many experienced waist trainers leave their corsets on for extended periods because they enjoy the way a corset makes them look and feel. However, marathon wear is not the ultimate goal of waist training. Tightening the laces and eventually sizing down is proof waist training is working for you. 

Once your trainer is seasoned, you can begin tightening the laces about ½ inch at a time. Each time you tighten the laces, you have to give your body time to get used to the new proportions. You may need to reduce the hours of wear or loosen the laces halfway through the day. Make it work for you and your needs. 

Wearing the trainer a little less snug or even taking a few days off won’t undo all your hard work. In fact, it will help ensure you continue waist training. 

How Long Is Too Long?

For the best results, daily wear of eight to 12 hours is recommended as long as you are comfortable and able to perform all your daily tasks. However, it may take you several weeks to work up to that schedule. 

Need a break during the day? Take one. If you prefer to wear your trainer for four hours in the morning and four more at night, that works, too. 

You may end up being one of those people who love the confidence and security you feel while wearing a corset. If so, that’s fantastic, but don’t feel obligated to reach someone else’s goal. 

Though some “professional” corseters keep their training garment on for 20+ hours a day, there are no added benefits to wearing a waist trainer for longer periods. 

Start Slow, End Strong

Corset wearing is a body-positive practice. It’s not about punishing your flesh or forcing it into a specific shape. Waist training requires you to listen to your body and honor its pace. The practice helps many men and women feel more confident and stand taller — literally. With the right garment and some patience, it can help you, too. 

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