Waist Training Before & Afters: Customer Stories & Photos

Looking for waist training before & after results? See real customer photos and hear their waist training stories.

DiAra Ringo

Corset: Jolie Black Cotton Corset

DiaRa started wearing corsets nearly 10 years ago after she lost her natural curves following the birth of her twin boys. Her post-pregnancy waist was 27 to 29 inches, She put on 77 pounds during the pregnancy Instead of losing the weight with diet and exercise she decided to start waist training with a corset, Currently Diara wears her corset for 23 hours a day – only taking it off when she showers or works out. Wearing corsets makes her feel beautiful and sexy and has dramatically increased her self confidence. Currently her natural waist without the corset is 20 inches, her corseted waist is 18 inches! “I like the look of 18 inches so I have no interest in going any smaller than that”

DiAra Ringo - Before Waist Training
DiAra Before Waist Training
DiAra Ringo - After Waist Training
DiAra After Waist Training

Sharon Lasky

Corset: Jolie Black Cotton Corset

Sharon started wearing corsets 10 years ago after injuring her back. She found great relief as it gave her the support she needed. In addition to back support Sharons starting waist size was 40 inches! Since then, she’s lost 34 lbs, 5 inches off the waist. She started with our Jolie longline in size 32″ But after a year or so, could comfortably get into a 30″ Jolie. “For some of us it’s not just about having a “snatched” waist, it’s about getting through each day feeling HAPPY about yourself even when you feel like crying”

Sharon Lasky - Waist Training Results
Sharon's Waist Training Results
Sharon Lasky - Waist Training Results
Sharon Wearing Jolie Corset

Hannah McKnight

Corset: Dita Black Satin Corset

This is my story, I’m Hannah McKnight a transgender girl. Dresses are typically designed for someone with hips and other features my body lacks. Sometimes a dress isn’t very flattering as my body is more of a cylinder or rectangular shape. Sometimes getting dressed is very discouraging and an outfit doesn’t look as cute as I had hoped it would. All of this changed with my Glamorous Corset. I love lingerie and I’ve worn corsets before but they were all, well, sexy corsets. What I mean is that they weren’t meant to be functional. They were designed to look sexy and…. that was it. They were cheap and poorly made. My corsets from Glamorous Corset are obviously sexy, but they are also practical. I finally, finally have the shape I want. I finally have the figure I need for certain dresses. I can’t say enough about the quality of my corsets and they are absolutely an essential part of my wardrobe.

Hannah McKnight Without Corset
Hannah Without Corset
Hannah McKnight Wearing Lara Corset
Hannah Wearing Lara Corset