Corsets For Men

Corsets are for everyone and men are no exception. It’s not uncommon for males to choose the support and compression of steel boned corsets to not only improve their posture, relieve back pain and generally look better in clothing. Corsets can also boost confidence in one’s physique for all genders and gender identities. Whether you are looking to feminize your curves, use corsets for drag, cross-dressing or transitioning and feminizing your curves, corsets can be an essential part to your body transformation.

Men in Corsets - poisoneyez

Instagram: @poisoneyez
Corset: Emma Black Satin Corset

Men in Corsets - huntervain

Instagram: @huntervain
Corset: Jolie Short Black Cotton Corset

Men in Corsets - edgeartconcepts

Instagram: @edgeartconcepts
Corset: Dita Black Leather Corset

Men in Corsets - edgeartconcepts

Instagram: @edgeartconcepts
Corset: Dita Black Leather Corset

Men in Corsets - elizafierce

Instagram: @elizafierce
Corset: Jolie Short Beige Cotton Corset

Men in Corsets - fifiduboisdq

Instagram: @fifiduboisdq
Corset: Lara Navy Velvet Corset w/ Hip Ties

Men in Corsets - queencurveball

Instagram: @queencurveball
Corset: Bella Black Satin Corset

Our Corsets That Work For Men

Glamorous Corset doesn’t make corsets specifically for men, but we have several styles that work very well for men. Men have been wearing corsets a lot longer than you might imagine, so we’ve made a collection of our corsets perfect for male waist training.

Dita Underbust Corset

Our Dita underbust corset is a staple for both men and women. This corset’s 3 layer construction provides extra durability and support and can be worn upside down (popular for men). This corset comes in a variety of colors and materials, including:

Bella Underbust Corset

Bella is a classic short 8” underbust corset which will cinch the waist to the maximum and will make any outfit stand out. Bella is available in:

Emma Underbust Corset

Emma is a beautiful double steel boned 10” underbust corset featuring a straight top and bottom edge which will compliment most body types. The Emma underbust corset is available in:

Have a question about sizing a corset for a male figure? Contact us via email [email protected] for a personalized free corset size consultation. All emails are answered within 1-2 hours.

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