Why Wear a Corset? 6 Reasons & Benefits to Waist Training

Why Wear a Corset?

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Although people often seem to engage in mindless activities, most people don’t tend to do things without a reason. If you’re hovering over a bag of chips, even when you’re not hungry, it might be because you enjoy the flavor, you find the familiar repetition of reaching into the bag somehow comforting, or you’re trying to meet an emotional need. Or maybe it’s just because they’re there.

If you’re interested in wearing a corset, you probably have a particular reason in mind. Waist training is among the top reasons people cite, although you might also just want some one-time support for your wedding or a special occasion. 

There are a wide range of reasons women and men wear corsets, and benefits they gain along the way (unlike eating an entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritos). Why wear a corset? Here are a few reasons that might apply to you. 

Whittle Your Waistline

The main reason most women wear corsets with any regularity? To create a smaller waistline. 

At its core, a corset is a compression undergarment designed to cinch in at the narrowest part of the waist, emphasizing the feminine curves that define an hourglass figure. 

Whether your once-tiny waist is MIA due to childbirth or weight gain or you never had the definition you wanted to begin with, the semi-permanent waist-slimming benefits that come from continuous waist training could offer a body-contouring solution. For this task, steel boned corsets are the best way to get the job done. 

Why wear a corset for a smaller waist? It’s designed expressly for this purpose!

Correct Posture

Slouching in our society has hit epidemic levels of late. Doesn’t anyone go to finishing school anymore? Okay, in reality, most of us have never had to work on our posture by walking around with a stack of precariously balanced books on our heads, and boy, does it show. 

When you don a corset, however, you’re sure to notice an immediate improvement to your posture (except for maybe waspies, which only cover a small portion of your torso near the waist). 

Some consumers even espouse the benefits of a corset for scoliosis (curvature of the spine), although there’s no empirical evidence backing up these claims. Still, corsets aren’t so very different from back braces – although they aren’t made for the purpose of treating conditions like scoliosis – so you be the judge. 

Address Pain Symptoms

Slouching, hunching over a keyboard all day, and generally participating in a sedentary lifestyle can all be a literal pain in the neck…and back…and head. 

Why wear a corset for back pain? It not only helps with posture, but it also provides compression and support to your core. This, in turn, could help to ease pain symptoms associated with the slouchy, modern lifestyle. 

Enjoy Deep Pressure Stimulation

If it sounds like a massage, it sort of is. While cinching yourself into a corset isn’t exactly like having a masseur tend to muscular knots, it can provide compression that feels sort of like a very snug hug. 

Why is this a good thing? There are a couple of mental & emotional reasons you may find it useful. 

For one thing, it could help to ease feelings of anxiety. If you’re aware of the recent trend of people purchasing weighted blankets to help them relax and sleep more deeply, you’ve already got some idea of the principle of the thing. Another similar example is the thunder blanket you might use to calm a dog or cat that’s afraid of loud noises like thunder or fireworks. 

It all ties into a concept known as deep pressure stimulation, which stems from touch therapy. The basic idea is that firm, gentle squeezing — similar to a hug — helps to relax the nervous system. 

This form of therapy is sometimes used to contribute to a sense of calm for people who are coping with anxiety, autism, and other disorders. 

While corsets aren’t necessarily prescribed for such therapy, plenty of wearers claim that strapping into a snug corset imbues them with an immediate and lasting feeling of calm. 

For the Purposes of Performance

There’s a common misconception that breathing in a corset is a chore, but just look at all of the singers who wear them! Opera and Broadway stars regularly perform in corsetry, as do drag queens, and they still manage to belt out songs at top volume. They don’t ask, “Why wear a corset?” They ask, “Why not?” 

Why Wear a Corset? How About Fashion and Fun?

There’s no denying the sex appeal of a corset. Because it’s still considered to be an undergarment, it has a racy appeal that can help you feel more feminine, attractive, and confident in the bedroom. 

These days, you can also wear corsets over the top of tees, dresses, and all kinds of ensembles to elevate your overall wardrobe. Fun, fashion, and function? Corsets have it all.

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