The Mental & Emotional Benefits of Corsets

The Mental & Emotional Benefits of Corsets

If you’re like most ladies interested in corsetry and waist training, the main draw is probably the physical benefits you’ll gain from wearing these garments and starting a waist training schedule. Who wouldn’t want to adopt the ideal, feminine, hourglass physique and look like a pinup girl under her business attire or casual clothing? You naughty minx, you!

Of course, when you’re focused on your form, you might not realize the other advantages to be gained from adding corsets to your wardrobe. You may be surprised to learn that wearing a corset can provide mental and emotional benefits, as well.

Look Good, Feel Good

Girl, you are not the only one with confidence issues related to your body. Knowing you’re not alone doesn’t necessarily make you feel better, though, does it?

So often, we’re our own worst critics, nitpicking every tiny flaw that no one else even notices and feeling that we’re somehow lesser because of our physiques. Transforming your body by adding one simple garment to your wardrobe can do wonders for your self-esteem.

Sure, you can spend hours at the gym and virtually starve yourself to try to target-shape your body. Or you can slip into a corset and instantly create the waist you once had (or never had, depending on your body type).

When you look in the mirror, you’ll get an instant boost of confidence that, believe it or not, will turn more heads than your actual physique. When you feel like you look good, you exude confidence that the people around you can’t ignore.

Up Your Game in the Bedroom

What’s the first thing that goes out the window when you’re feeling bad about your body? Sexy time. Hey, I’ve been there! The way you feel about your body can make or break your sex life.

If you’ve gained some weight, you’ve been too busy to hit the gym, or you’ve had a baby or three, your body is not the same as it was in your teens and early twenties, and it might not ever bounce back completely. This can be a major emotional blow that leaves you self-conscious and hesitant to strip down if front of…well, anyone.

Waist training corsets not only make you look good when you wear them (and many are pretty enough to wear alone for intimate interactions), but over time, your waist will get smaller even when you’re not wearing the corset.

Give Yourself a Hug

In the beginning, it’s not uncommon to find a corset somewhat confining. Heck, the same is true of a new pair of pumps. You’ll get used to both with time, but while the latter gives you hammer toes, the former will become more comfortable with time.

In fact, wearing a corset could actually reduce stress and anxiety similar to the way swaddling comforts a baby and thunder blankets calm nervous dogs and cats. This isn’t to say that a corset is a cure-all for depression or anxiety – if you suffer such issues you should seek appropriate psychological or psychiatric care. However, you might just enjoy a confidence boost and discover a helpful coping mechanism in your daily life when you wrap yourself in a steel boned corset.

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