Waist Training Schedule: How Often & How Long to Wear Your Corset

Waist Training Schedule: How Often & How Long to Wear Your Corset

Some women like to be organized, scheduling every day to the minute, down to restroom breaks and the time it takes to get to your kid’s school with light traffic. There’s nothing wrong with having your life together.

Others prefer a more flexible schedule and a little spontaneity. The way you live your life is a reflection of your personality, and it probably permeates through everything you do.

When it comes to waist training, or using a steel-boned corset to reduce your waist size and enhance your feminine shape, there is no single, set schedule to follow. It’s not like what you can expect when you’re expecting, with a picture book that takes you through every week of pregnancy, from poppy seed to peppercorn and plum to papaya.

You’ll have to tailor your waist training regimen to your body, your lifestyle, and your goals. Of course, this can leave you with little idea of how you’re supposed to progress and see results. Here are a few basic guidelines to follow, keeping in mind that they’re hardly the commandments of corsetry.

Getting Started with Waist Training

Before you work on scheduling, you need the right tools for the job, which means finding a steel-boned corset in the right size. Look for a retailer that specializes not just in corsets, but waist trainers specifically – the sizing charts provided will help you to select the right size to get started.

From there you should begin by lacing your corset so that it fits snugly, but comfortably. You’ll probably need some help. Then you can start wearing it to train your waist.

In the beginning, you should wear your corset no more than 1-2 hours each day. Some discomfort is normal, but if you feel short of breath or you start to see bruising, loosen your corset and consider wearing it every other day for a while.

If everything goes well, you can start to gradually increase the amount of time you spend wearing your corset daily. When you decide to increase wear time is up to you. Those that feel very comfortable in a corset may move up to 3-4 hours of wear within just a couple of weeks, or it might take longer to ramp up. You shouldn’t increase wear by more than 1-2 hours per day at a time.

Making Progress

Paying attention to your body is the key to progressing with waist training. When you’re ready you can increase usage incrementally until you’re wearing your corset all day. At this point, you’re probably ready to move to a smaller corset and start over again. Persistence and patience are the keys to seeing progress with waist training.

Waist Training with Multiple Goals

It would be nice if the only thing that bothered the average woman about her body was the size of her waist. Unfortunately, most of us have additional goals when it comes to sculpting the perfect physique.

How does your waist training schedule fit in with weight loss, reducing fat, building muscle, or helping your body bounce back after pregnancy? If your waist training happens to coincide with other body shaping efforts, you may need to give yourself some extra leeway or amend your waist training schedule as your other efforts progress.

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