How to Start Waist Training Safely & Effectively

How to Start Waist Training Safely & Effectively

Corseting has long been a means of controlling one’s figure and striking an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Although corsets fell out of fashion for a while as women became more liberated in their choices for apparel and activities, the traditions and techniques have not been lost, and many modern women are turning back to waist training corsets as a means of regaining control of their bodies, slimming their waist lines, and looking and feeling good about themselves.

If you’re interested in the benefits of waist training, you need to understand that there are safe and effective ways to go about it. If you want to know how to start waist training, here are some helpful tips to set you on the right path.

Size Appropriately

When purchasing a corset for waist training purposes, proper sizing is essential to comfort and success. If you choose a size that is too small or a style that isn’t right for your body type, you could experience severe discomfort and end up derailing your progress.

Your corset should fit snugly, but not so tightly that you can’t move or breath, or that you suffer bruising and other issues. The important thing to remember is that waist training is a gradual process and should not be rushed. Over time, you’ll probably size down to a smaller corset, but in the beginning to need to give yourself time to get used to wearing a corset daily.

Try Several Styles

There are underbust and overbust corsets. There are models with laces, hook and eye closures, busks, and different combinations of closures, front and back. Corsets come in different lengths, as well (short, standard, longline, etc.). There are different shapes and curves to choose from.

Before you purchase any corset, try on several styles. Try walking and moving in them. See what they do for your figure. This is the best way to get the corsets that are most likely to make you feel comfortable and confident throughout the waist training process.

Safe and effective waist training does not happen overnight, so set up a schedule that starts with a couple hours of wear daily and progresses to all-day wear over the course of several weeks. From there you can start tightening and sizing down.

Spring for a High Quality Corset

In the beginning, you’ll only wear your corset a couple of hours each day, but over time, you should get to the point where you have your corset on throughout the day. This means you’ll spend a lot of your waking hours corseted.

Do you really want low-cost, low-quality products that are going to pinch, poke, and bruise you, or alternately, stretch, tear, and deteriorate too quickly? You wouldn’t skimp on pumps that you plan to wear to the office every day – they’d kill your feet.

You spend extra because you know you’re going to get the use value out of a good product and be more comfortable and confident. The same principle applies to purchasing your waist training corset, and you’ll find that quality corsets are worth every penny for the safety, durability, and effective results they deliver.

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