Common Qualities of the Most Effective Waist Training Corsets

Common Qualities of the Most Effective Waist Training Corsets

Like most women, I’m guilty of falling for fakes. I want so badly for those shiny, ruffled, affordably-priced corsets in department stores to turn me into Pamela Anderson circa Baywatch. Sigh. Sadly, no amount of bleach, eyeliner, and deadbeat boyfriends will make that dream come true.

Good news, though, I can still get waist training corsets to trim down my waistline and emphasize my hourglass figure. I just can’t get them at department stores. If you’re wondering what to look for when it comes to effective waist training, here are a few key qualities that set waist training corsets apart from their fashion-only counterparts.

Steel Boning

Some women like the idea of vintage corsetry, complete with traditional whale boning. Okay – SO barbaric, not to mention unnecessary. Of course, “whale bone is slaughter” isn’t quite as catchy as “fur is murder”, but you get the picture.

If you want the very best waist training corsets, steel boning is the ONLY option. Yeah, there’s plastic and other materials to choose from, but when you’re trying to reduce the circumference of your waist over time, nothing beats the rigidity and durability of steel boning.

Sturdy Closures

Most corsets have lacing on one side for the purposes of cinching to your preferred level of comfort and fit. This area is reinforced with grommets. If you like your corset tight, like most ladies engaged in waist training, you need to be sure the other set of closures isn’t going to pop off and assault innocent passersby like a shrapnel bomb.

What you’re sure to find is that the majority of effective, high-end waist training corsets feature sturdy and reliable busks that stay put and last a lifetime. For the level of cinching involved, hook and eye closures probably aren’t going to cut it.

Fully closed fronts are another option, but this isn’t ideal since you have to shimmy in and out of your corset and adjust the laces every time (a real hassle, even if you have a sympathetic partner willing to participate in such shenanigans).


Yeah, you can buy a knockoff handbag for a fraction of the cost of a real Fendi bag, but do you really want to risk a snafu at the Playboy mansion like Samantha and Carrie? Okay, a subpar corset might not get you ejected from a party (especially not at the Playboy mansion), but the real deal will cost you, and since you’re putting it on your body, you really do want the most effective waist training product.

Ladies, pay attention: a good waist training corset is worth every penny! Cheap out and you’ll find yourself stuck with an uncomfortable fit and a product that quickly falls apart, forcing you to spend more in the long run. Suck it up and shell out the dough for a corset that fits like a glove and is designed to last, providing the use value you expect for the price.

If you see cheap corsets erroneously advertised as waist trainers, you know they’re either lying or they don’t understand the difference between waist training and fashion corsets. To that I have only one reply: “Good day, sir! I said good day!”

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