Waist Trainer for Posture: How a Corset Can Improve Your Posture

Waist Trainer for Posture: How a Corset Can Improve Your Posture

When asked about the advantages of corsetry, the average woman might naturally veer toward the cosmetic benefits. After all, corsets are well-known for providing that boom, boom, pow that gives you your sexy swagger. Yass, gurl, get it!

Aside from finagling your curves into the perfect proportions, however, you might be surprised to learn that there are a host of other potential benefits. For starters, a proper waist training regimen can lead to semi-permanent results, so that the racy curves you enjoy while wearing your corset are still on prominent display when you strip it off.

You might also discover that wearing a corset can help to eliminate lower back pain. How does this magical side effect occur? When you don a tightlaced, steel boned corset and wear it throughout the day, you’re naturally going to sit a little straighter. If you’ve worn one before, you know that slouching isn’t exactly an option. This, in turn, could help to alleviate back pain, depending on the cause.

How, exactly, does your corset accomplish this? If you’re interested in wearing a waist trainer for posture, among other goals, here’s what you need to know.

Instant Erector

Your spine isn’t exactly a wet spaghetti noodle, but it is somewhat bendable, and keeping it straight takes work. That is, of course, unless you have the help of steel boning to hold it in place and provide lumbar support.

Chances are you never went to finishing school or had to balance a book on your head while you walked, which means you likely suffer from the modern plague of poor posture. Whether you slouch when you walk or while you tap away on your keyboard at work, your slouchy spine could be a major source of lower back pain.

When you slip into a steel boned corset and pull the laces tight, your support garment acts as an instant erector, forcing you to sit straight and stand tall. This immovable force holds your spine straight whether you want it to or not, and you’ll enjoy better posture and potential improvement to back pain as a result.

Hidden Exercise

You’ve no doubt heard celebs waxing poetic about wearing waist trainers while they exercise. First of all, those are NOT waist training corsets – they’re much more flexible waist cinchers, so don’t confuse celebrity endorsement with actual, factual waist training practices. Second, you should know that you can get a workout from your waist trainer without ever breaking a sweat.

Since your rigid waist training corset forces you to keep your torso upright, your abdominal muscles will naturally have to work a little harder each day (as opposed to the total relaxation of slouching). Over time, they’ll start to grow stronger, providing more support for your spine and internal organs and resulting in better posture whether you’re wearing your corset or not.

When you purchased your corset with the goal of adding curves and slimming your waistline, you probably didn’t expect to get a workout in the process, much less better posture and reduced back pain, but that’s just what you might enjoy when you commit to a long-term waist training regimen.

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