Skin Issues While Wearing Your Corset

Skin Issues While Wearing Your Corset

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There are plenty of times in life when we get so wrapped up in the benefits of something that we don’t think it through to logical consequences. How many times have you burned your mouth on that first sip of your Starbucks mocha? You’re dreaming of that chocolatey sugar rush, and you completely forget about the scalding temperature.

Or how about dating that guy that’s love bombing you because he’s cute and maybe he’s genuinely in love with you after just one date? Hey, it could happen, right? Um, no, girl. Red flag.

When it comes to waist training, you’re probably gung-ho to slim your waistline and look fantastic in every outfit. While you know there could be an adjustment period when you start wearing a compression and support garment daily, you might not initially consider potential skin issues while wearing your corset. Here are a few common problems that are easily avoided when you know what’s what.


Any time you start adding layers to your outfit, you shouldn’t be surprised if it raises the temperature a bit. Sweating is common with corsets made from synthetic materials that aren’t particularly breathable, like polyester or vinyl, for example.

What you want is a corset made from natural, breathable materials like cotton, silk, or bamboo, or alternately, a corset with a cotton lining. This not only protects your skin but protects the body of your corset from sweat that may damage it. You could also wear a light layer like a chemise or liner under an unlined corset.


Some microbes thrive in warm, moist environments. When sweating under a corset persists, it can lead to the buildup of microbes, causing rash or infection. Again, wearing breathable garments can help immensely. Good hygiene is a must, as well, obvi.

If a rash is due to dry skin irritation, rather than sweating, moisturizing can help, but you’ll also want to wear a liner. This will not only add a soft layer that pampers your skin but keep oils from seeping into your corset and causing damage.


Corsets that don’t fit your body properly can chafe as you move, creating discomfort and perhaps even irritating your skin. Ordering the right size corset is a must, as is taking the time to season it properly, so it conforms to your shape.

You might also want to check the lacing. Is it lined up correctly, or is it tighter in some areas and looser in others? A shirt or liner worn under the corset could also be bunching or wrinkling, potentially causing chafing. Try to wear liners that fit close to the body and stay put under your corset.

Other Skin Issues While Wearing Your Corset

It’s not uncommon to suffer itches while wearing a snug corset, just like people get itchy under a cast. A long, thin knitting needle is honestly one of the best ways to get an itch in both cases. Just move gingerly so as not to stab yourself.

Bruising can also be a concern, and it usually indicates excessive pressure. Try easing off on how tight you’re lacing your corset to see if it helps. You may also be wearing an incorrectly sized corset or a corset that doesn’t work for your body shape, such as a longline corset that bruises hip bones. Size and shape are crucial when finding a corset that fits and offers comfortable, all-day wear.

With a suitable corset and proper precautions, you have the best chance to avoid potential skin issues. From there, it’s up to you to figure out why you can’t remember your coffee is hot.

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