Wearing a Waist Trainer For a Week: What to Expect?

Wearing a Waist Trainer For a Week: What to Expect?

There are so many good things you could (and should) do for yourself, and you know if you did, you’d enjoy improvements to your life.

If you really committed to flossing, you’d be in and out of your dental check-ups in no time, instead of suffering through all that scraping.

If you completed one small chore each day, you wouldn’t find yourself wasting an entire Saturday cleaning the house from top to bottom.

Of course, there are also changes that seem like quick fixes at the time, but don’t deliver lasting results, like that juice cleanse you tried.

Drinking only juice for a week sucked, but you lost 8 pounds.  Of course, you gained back 10 when you returned to your normal diet.

When you decide to jump into waist training, you can see incredible results within just a few days, but what does it mean?

Are you going to get the lasting benefits of flossing or planning a daily chore schedule, or are you going to revert to form, like the juice cleanse?

Like almost anything in life, you have to put in the time to see lasting results.  Here’s what you can expect from your first week of waist training, and beyond.

Quantifiable Changes

The wonderful thing about waist training is that you’re going to see immediate results.

Sure, your end goal may be to lose 4-6 inches off your waist, and to be honest, that’s not going to happen the first time you cinch up your corset.  It takes time to achieve significant waist reduction.

However, you could lose 1-2 inches off your waistline by the end of the first week, as you start to season your corset.

The first few days of any new routine are always the toughest, but if you’re smart about how you cinch (snugly, but not too tight) and you remain consistent with wear, your corset will start to conform to your body and you’ll find that you can close the gap in the back by 1-2 inches by the end of your first week of wear.

Taking Shape

A brand-new corset is always going to look and feel a little awkward until you have it perfectly seasoned, so don’t be surprised if the hourglass figure you’re dreaming of doesn’t magically materialize the first time you slip into your corset.

Whether your spring is minimal or significant, your corset just won’t fit perfectly the first couple times you wear it – this is why seasoning is so important.

That said, you will see noticeable changes by the end of the first week of wear.

As you move around, cinch a little more snugly each day, and become more comfortable wearing a corset, the garment will start to nip in more at the waist, so that by the end of the week, you’ll see hourglass proportions start to take shape.


You might think that waist training is all about minimizing girth, but you’re sure to notice additional benefits, particularly where posture is concerned.

Corsets don’t allow for a lot of wiggle room, so to speak, and with steel bones and robust textiles holding everything firmly in place, you’re sure to notice yourself sitting up a little straighter…because you can no longer bend at the waist.

Cinching up a corset immediately corrects your posture, forcing you to stand and sit up straight.  This not only gives you an air of sophistication, but it could even help with issues like back pain, providing extra support that prevents slouching.

Eating Habits

You might not have any intention of adding a diet to your waist training regimen, but the truth is, when you’re first getting used to wearing a corset, you’re simply not going to be able to eat as much as you’re probably used to, at least not while your torso is cinched up and your waist has been reduced by 1-2 inches.

You can plan for this by adding a number of smaller snacks throughout the day instead of the few larger meals you’re used to.

Positive Reinforcement

By the end of your first week of waist training, you’re going to see some major changes in your figure, your posture, and hopefully your level of confidence.

While the first week can be tough as you adjust to wearing a corset, the positive changes you see will get you through the hard part and motivate you to continue with your training.

As you become comfortable with corset wear, you’ll find that you don’t notice it any more than wearing a bra, or any other garment.

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