How to Season/Break in a Corset

How to Season/Break in a Corset

Seasoning/breaking-in your corset is basically just wearing it in. Seasoning your corset is a very important step to the beginning of the life of your new steel boned corset. We highly recommend this step to prolong the life of your corset. Remember, your corset has never been worn before, so it will feel a bit stiff and rigid, but that’s normal.

It is possible you will find small gaps at the bottom of your corset when you first put it on, once your corset is seasoned, those gaps will almost, if not completely disappear. Before trying to fasten your corset, make sure that you have fully loosened the back laces. This will ensure that you do not warp the front busk by trying too hard to get it to fasten.

Once your corset is on, gently pull the laces in until the corset feels lightly snug, don’t lace it super tightly at first, it should be snug but not too tight. Your corset will need time to adjust to your body shape. Trying to force your corset can damage the boning and/or the fabric. Listen to your body and let the corset take your shape. You also don’t want to cause yourself any discomfort by over-tightening too soon.

You should start out wearing the corset (45 minutes – 1 hour) daily for 7-10 days. During this time you can tighten a bit more with each passing day. This process is called seasoning your corset. So if you have a special event that you’re ordering your corset for, remember to factor in the time to season in your corset.

When taking the corset off, do not unfasten the busk first. You should loosen the laces first and then, when your corset is loose enough to wiggle around a bit, then unhook the busk. Unhooking the busk first can damage your corset.