How to Wash a Corset: A Guide to Cleaning Your Corset

How to Wash a Corset: A Guide to Cleaning Your Corset

A corset is unlike any other daily-wear piece of clothing – over time it can change our shape, provide back support, and improve posture. You should not just toss your corset into the washing machine as It deserves great attention and care for proper cleaning & maintenance. Read on to learn more about how to wash a corset (and how not to).

Putting Your Corset in the Washing Machine

We’ve had a few of our customers ask “What can possibly happen if I throw my corset in the washing machine?” and the answer is quite simple… Since corsets are made not with just a piece of fabric, but with steel bones, a busk, eyelets, and metal grommets – you risk the chance of potentially bending the steel bones, and rusting the metal components of the corset (and of course ruining the material). In other words, don’t throw your corset in the washer or dryer. Use our helpful cleaning tips on how to wash a corset – they work!

Can I Dry Clean My Corset?

If your corset is made from one of the following fabrics, we highly recommends dry cleaning your corset:

Spot Cleaning Your Corset

If you are unable to dry clean your corset you can spot clean! Below are a few helpful tricks on how you can keep your corset nice and fresh with spot cleaning:

  • Lay your corset flat, grab a lightly damp cloth and wipe the corset down. Lay it flat to dry and you’re done! You can do this every time your corset needs a little freshening.
  • Try using a baby wipe! Gentle enough for a newborn, baby wipes can help clean and add a fresh scent to your corset.
  • Be proactive! We highly recommend wearing a tank top underneath your corset each and every time. Our bodies produce natural oils and by wearing your corset directly on your skin these oils will absorb into the corset leaving the corset with an odor. No one wants a corset that smells bad!
  • After cleaning, always ensure your corset is completely dry before storing away in your closet or drawer. Just like any other piece of clothing, corsets are vulnerable to mold & mildew if the conditions are right.

Storing Your Corset

A corset should either be stored in it’s corset pouch (all corsets purchased from Glamorous Corset come with a storage pouch) or can also be hung on a hanger. With proper cleaning and storage, a corset can last a lifetime. Love your corset, and it will love you back!

If you have any questions about properly cleaning your corset, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]