Stomach Pain After Waist Training: Is This Normal?

Stomach Pain After Waist Training

There’s a lot of confusing information about waist training on the internet. When it comes to anything that causes discomfort to your body, you want to ensure your source is reliable. 

Whether you are wearing a waist trainer to feel better in a specific piece of clothing or you’re excited about adopting the entire waist-training lifestyle, wearing your compression garment correctly and safely is the number one priority.

What Does a Waist Trainer Feel Like?

Waist training should not hurt or make it difficult to breathe. Many users compare wearing a corset to getting a comforting hug around their abdomen. Remember, some people work out in their waist trainers. Bending, moving, and breathing are definitely necessary. 

A properly fitted corset helps you stand straighter, feel more confident, and may even help relieve back pain. Of course, if you’re following a waist-training regimen, it will also help reduce your waist size. If your corset pinches, pokes, or causes pain, it is either the wrong style for your body, the wrong size, or you are rushing the process. 

Help! I Feel Pain After Waist Training — What Am I Doing Wrong?

You may experience some pain and discomfort after waist training for an extended length of time if your core has not been given time to adjust. 

At Glamorous Corset, we always recommend that our customers start slowly. Wearing a trainer for several hours takes time and patience. It’s not something most people can do the first time they put their trainer on. 

There is no strict schedule to follow. Every person’s body and tolerance are different. To avoid unnecessary discomfort, follow these general guidelines. 

Buy the Correct Size

Some people think starting out with a corset that’s already a size too small will help them meet their waist training goals sooner. In fact, the opposite is probably true. 

Corsets are already made to fit snugly. If you purchase one that’s too small, it may be too uncomfortable to wear, and you’ll give up before you even have a chance to enjoy the benefits of waist training. Starting too small could also result in a damaged corset you can’t even wear. 

To make sure you start your waist training journey on the right foot, use our sizing guide, take accurate measurements, and choose a trainer style that’s best for your body shape. 

How to Buy the Right Size Corset: Tips for Sizing Success

Season Your Corset

When you receive a new corset, it feels stiff and inflexible. That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. With seasoning, the garment becomes more pliable and hugs your proportions exactly right. 

Seasoning a corset means letting it adjust to your body before you begin tightening the laces. If it’s your first time wearing a corset, it may take up to a month to fully break your garment. 

Lace the corset so it is snug but not constricting. Wear it for about 30 to 60 minutes for several days and slowly begin increasing the time. By the end of two weeks, you should be able to wear the garment comfortably for two to four hours. 

Continue slowly increasing the wear time, and soon, you’ll be able to keep the corset on for six hours or more per day. 

You’ll know your waist trainer is properly seasoned when the top and bottom edges of the garment hug you snugly without any gaps. 

Don’t Over-Tighten the Laces

We get it; you’re excited to start seeing results and want to pull those laces tight the first time you put your corset on. Resist that urge for your own good as well as the good of your corset. 

Pulling the laces too tight will strain the material and could result in damage to your trainer. Wearing a too-tight corset for an extended time can also cause pain and discomfort. Once your corset has been properly seasoned, you can begin snugging the laces a little at a time. 

Watch Out for Bloat

That pain you feel after you take off your corset could be good old-fashioned gas. Compression from a waist trainer could trap gas inside your stomach or intestines and prevent it from passing. To minimize the chances of bloating, avoid overeating or eating gassy foods when you’re wearing your trainer. 

Enjoy Your Corset

“No pain, no gain” is an outdated way of thinking about beauty. Wearing a corset should be enjoyable, not painful. Follow our guidelines and practice patience. Soon, you’ll be able to wear your waist trainer all day long and barely notice it’s there. 

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