Are Corsets Painful to Wear?

Are Corsets Painful to Wear?

When you see corsets in the movies, women are usually getting cinched to within an inch of their lives.  They can’t move or breath or do much but sit and fan themselves and flutter their lashes, probably because they’re on the verge of passing out.  Ladies, I urge you to view these demonstrations with a healthy dose of skepticism – this is not how modern women wear corsets.

Still, if you’re new to the world of corseting, it’s natural to assume these restrictive support garments would command a hefty physical price for the beauty they provide.  The truth is, if you waist train responsibly, you never have to worry about feeling pain or more than mild discomfort while wearing your corset, and even then, you should acclimate to daily wear relatively quickly.  Here are a few tips to ensure that your gorgeous, glamorous corsets never cause you pain.

The Taste of a Well-Seasoned Corset

No, we’re not suggesting you spice up your corset with salt and pepper.  Seasoning your corset is more like seasoning a cast iron skillet, insomuch as you’re preparing it for extended usage.  There are in-depth explanations of how to properly season your corset to prep it for comfortable long-term care, but suffice it to say you’ll need a few weeks of gentle finagling to shape the garment to your curves before you begin waist training in earnest.

The Folly of Vanity

It’s tempting to get as much shaping from your corset as the garment will bear, but overtightening can definitely cause you discomfort, and even prove damaging to the garment itself.  There is a segment of the waist training community devoted to tightlacing, but this activity is generally only performed by those who have been waist training for years and are well aware of the limits of their bodies and their garments.  For novices, overtightening is a surefire way to wind up in pain, and probably ruin your corset in the process.

When Fools Rush In

If you’ve learned anything at all about waist training, it’s that rushing is a major no-no.  The old adage “slow and steady wins the race” definitely applies, so don’t get your knickers in a twist trying to reach the finish line like the impatient hare in this cautionary tale.  When you take your time to adjust to daily corset wear, you have a much better chance of avoiding pain and sticking with the process until you see the semi-permanent results you crave.

When Your Body Screams, Maybe Listen

Your body will tell you when you’re wearing a corset improperly, because it will hurt.  If you feel any pain when wearing a corset, something has gone horribly wrong.  Corsets should fit snugly and hold your body erect, but they should never, never hurt.

When your body starts to complain, it’s probably time to rethink how tight you’ve laced your corset or perhaps how many hours you wear it each day.  You should also make sure you’ve purchased proper waist training corsets, featuring steel boning and sturdy textiles.  Fashion corsets with plastic boning could bend, snap, rend, and harm your body in the process.

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