Modern Corsets for Posture: How Steel Boned Corsets Can Help with Posture

Modern Corsets for Posture: How Steel Boned Corsets Can Help with Posture

Are you one of the millions of people spending way too much time hunched over a laptop every day? If so, you know that the struggle to maintain good posture is a serious one. 

There is not one “perfect” posture every person is supposed to conform to. Good posture is when your spine is in a neutral position and your joints, muscles, and ligaments align without stress. 

If you’re feeling pain in the back, neck, or head or strain on your joints and muscles, poor posture may be the problem. Whatever is causing you to slouch, a modern corset for posture correction could be a solution. 

How Can a Modern Corset for Posture Help?

Corsets used for waist training contain steel boning to make them rigid. The structure of a corset is what makes it effective. Steel boning sewn into vertical channels within the garment provides the rigidity a corset needs to hold the torso firmly. You can still move and bend in a properly fitted corset, but the area covered by the corset cannot bend. 

For example, even if you’re wearing a small waspie corset, you cannot bend at the waist where the corset covers. However, you can bend your body at points above and below the waspie. 

As a posture aid, a corset with more coverage is best. A full-size corset will help align your spine and hold it in the proper upright position. Slouching and hunching your spine is much more difficult with a well-fitted corset hugging your torso. Though it is not a medical device, a corset works on the same principles as a back brace.

Women with a heavy tummy or large breasts can have trouble maintaining good posture because the extra weight is constantly pulling the spine and shoulders forward. A corset adds an extra layer of support that can stop gravity from doing its job, at least while the garment is on. 

Posture Improvement Takes Time

You’ll feel yourself standing straighter the moment you put on a corset, but bad posture habits don’t get fixed in a single day. You’ll likely slouch again as soon as you take the corset off. With that in mind, how can a modern corset for posture be effective? 

Just as with waist training, the answer is time. Wearing your corset every day is necessary, whether you’re trying to improve your posture or create an hourglass figure. 

The first step is to choose a steel-boned corset that is the right size for your body. Long-line corsets are typically a bad match for short-waisted people. And a corset that’s too small, such as a waspie, may not provide enough support to help with posture. 

Smaller is not better when it comes to corset sizing. Though you do want a snug fit when the garment is laced up, starting with a corset that’s too small will probably delay your progress. If the corset isn’t comfortable, you won’t want to wear it. 

Also, you may tear or damage the corset if you have to pull and tug to get it into place. 

A new corset must be seasoned. Even if your goal is better posture and not necessarily a smaller waist, seasoning is the process that conforms the corset to your body shape for a good fit. 

Think of seasoning a corset like breaking in a new pair of shoes. The shoes may be exactly the right size, but you wouldn’t want to take them right out of the box and wear them for a 5-mile hike. The same is true for a corset. 

Wear a new corset for around two hours a day. If you notice any bruising or pinching or if the garment impedes your breathing, it’s too tight. Once you adjust the fit and the corset stretches to hug your curves comfortably, you can increase wear time to three or four hours per day. Eventually, you can wear the corset all day long. 

In time, you’ll begin to notice that your good posture remains even after you take the corset off. With daily wear, you’re retraining your muscles and joints back into the proper position. Stick with your regimen for lasting improvement. 

Other Benefits of Corset Wearing

In addition to improving your posture, wearing a corset regularly can help you feel better in many ways. Many wearers report a boost of confidence when they lace up their corsets. Standing taller is an instant game-changer. 

Reduced pain in the back and shoulders is also a common benefit of corseting. The extra support of the corset and the improvement in posture helps reduce the pressure on overworked muscles. Many women enjoy the feeling of security they get when they have their corsets on. 

You may start out trying a modern corset for posture improvement, but with regular wear, you’ll discover all the ways a corset can make you look and feel better. 

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