Does Glamorous Corset Make Corsets for Men?

Does Glamorous Corset Make Corsets for Men?

Glamorous Corset doesn’t make corsets specifically for men, but we several styles that work very well for men. Men have been wearing corsets a lot longer than you might imagine, so we’ve mad a collection of our non-curvy corsets perfect for male waist training.

Do Men Wear Corsets?

While many people think of corsets as a feminine garment, there is nothing gendered about them. Today, males (and transgender) also take advantage of the many benefits that corsets have to offer. Men commonly wear corsets to:

  • Help with posture
  • Costuming & cross-dressing
  • Look & style

Among our many customers, we also have individuals who were ascribed men at birth and are now transitioning to female. Like other women, they desire the much-sought after hourglass shape, which can only be achieved by waist-training.

Our Corsets That Work For Men

Dita Underbust Corset

Our Dita underbust corset is a staple for both men and women. This corset’s 3 layer construction provides extra durability and support and can be worn upside down (popular for men). This corset comes in a variety of colors and materials, including:

Kelly Underbust Corset

Kelly is Ideal for a long torso. This double boned corset will provide extra durability and support and is available in:

Bella Underbust Corset

Bella is a classic short 8” underbust corset which will cinch the waist to the maximum and will make any outfit stand out. Bella is available in:

Emma Underbust Corset

Emma is a beautiful double steel boned 10” underbust corset featuring a straight top and bottom edge which will compliment most body types. The Emma underbust corset is available in:

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