Stealthing or Styling: What Bottoms to Wear with a Corset

What Bottoms to Wear with a Corset

Pairing your corsetry with clothing need not be a major conundrum.  Although certain aspects of modern clothing (primarily how thin and lightweight it can be) do not lend themselves well to hiding a corset, still there are plenty of ways to incorporate this elegant support garment into your everyday wardrobe, whether you’re just testing the […]

Do You Have To Be “Waist Training” to Wear a Corset?

Do You Have To Be "Waist Training" to Wear a Corset?

Waist training, in general, is often misunderstood.  You can thank celebrities for muddying the waters with their “waist training” workouts, where they don stretchy cinchers while they exercise – for what purpose is anyone’s guess. As for bonafide waist training, it involves wearing a sturdy, steel boned corset for several hours each day with the […]