Is a Longline Corset Right for Me?

Is a Longline Corset Right for Me?

Some ladies are graceful gazelles, tall of frame and long of limb, made for shooting hoops and nabbing items from high shelves. Others are more diminutive in size and better able to sit comfortably in cars, buses, trains, planes, and on public restroom toilets. Even so, women both tall and short could find themselves puzzling over the appropriate length of corset.

Believe it or not, your height has little to do with the relative dimensions of your body, including the length of your torso in relation to your limbs. You might naturally assume that shorter ladies would be a hard pass for longline corsets, or that these models would inherently work for taller gals. This simply isn’t true. How can you tell if a longline corset is right for you? Here are a few things you should know.

What is a Longline Corset?

A longline corset, as you may have surmised, is a longer version of the standard corset. While the average corset may reach the bottom of the ribcage or skim the top of the hip bone, a longline model goes further, extending over the hips. What is the point of this, you may ask?

When your corset fits snugly, it’s not unusual to suffer some amount of spillage, where excess fat and skin are pushed up over the top of the corset or down beneath the bottom. This is especially common if you’re working to banish leftover baby weight or get rid of those love handles that are plaguing your midsection.

A longline corset can help to take care of this problem by extending the smooth line of your torso beyond the top of the hip. Many women love longline corsets because of their ability to eliminate muffin tops that might otherwise appear between the bottom of a corset and the top of modern, low-rise jeans.

Ideal Body Type

Let’s make one thing very clear: you are all individuals, which means you need to consider your own measurements and goals in order to determine whether or not a longline corset is right for you. That said, longline corsets tend to work better for certain body types, specifically longer torsos. They can add hourglass proportions to a long torso that might otherwise appear lacking in natural curve.

However, women with shorter torsos can also make use of longline corsets, provided they find the right products for their specific needs. Standard longline corsets are designed for long torsos and may therefore be ill-suited for short-torsoed ladies. In other words, you might suffer some discomfort when sitting as the bottom of the corset digs into your thighs. Ugh!

Don’t fret, my dears, with custom corsetry options you can get the longline you want to hide bumps and bulges in your lower abdomen and back without having to suffer the pinches and pokes of a corset that is actually too long for your body. As noted above, MEASUREMENTS ARE IMPORTANT. [See: Corset sizing chart]

A custom corset is only a win if it fits you perfectly, and that means you must take precise measurements and convey your specific desires to the manufacturer. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of a longline corset as long as they take the time to measure carefully and concisely express their waist training goals.

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