What is a Long Line Corset?

What is a Long Line Corset?

Like any journey, the road to waist training starts with baby steps and there is a learning curve. I remember when I first decided to stop wasting money on nail salons – after all, I have two hands, and one can certainly attend to the other. For a while, my hands were a nightmare of hang nails and polish-covered cuticles until I found the right tools for the job and learned that a Q-tip and some nail polish remover can correct every mistake.

The point is, my friends are now amazed by the salon-quality mani/pedis I do at home. So don’t get discouraged when you first start waist training and discover that you’ve chosen the wrong style of corset. It’s a common misconception that all corsets are created equally, or that one corset suits every body type.

Corsets are very personal garments, and you need to find the style that best suits your physical features and the shape you’re trying to create. This is no potato sack, ladies – it’s not one-size-fits-all! There are overbust and underbust options, as well as standard and long line corsets. What is a long line corset? You’re about to get the 4-1-1.

What is a Long Line Corset?

Many corset styles extend only to the bottom of your ribcage or the top of the hip. What if you want a corset that goes further, extending slightly over the hips to create a smooth, controlled line from bust to hip? This is essentially what a long line corset entails.

Who Should Wear a Long Line Corset?

Some women are long of torso while others have legs for days. Believe it or not, any body type can benefit from long line corsets. You simply have to seek out options that are built for your body.

That said, long line corsets aren’t right for everyone. They’re best suited to women who want to control a bit of a belly or extend coverage to their hips for a long, smooth body line. A long line model is great for hiding the little muffin top that pops out of shorter corsets.

Finding the Right Long Line Corset

Long line corsets can be of the overbust or underbust variety, and they come with different waist lengths and hip springs, and obviously, different sizes. Like any corset, it’s always best to try before you buy, or at least make sure you understand the return policy if you’re ordering online. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you can comfortably sit in your long line.

Finding the right long line corset requires that you understand your body type. Not sure if your torso is long, short, or somewhere in the middle? Take measurements and let a professional figure it out for you!

Pretty much everyone can find something suitable through trial and error, but if you’re committed to corsetry and you have trouble finding the perfect fit, talk to the team at Glamorous Corset. We offer a variety of long line corsets, and can help find the perfect fit for you!

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