Corset Seasoning Schedule: Seasoning for Waist Training

Corset Seasoning Schedule: Seasoning for Waist Training

When you season your corset, it’s not like seasoning a steak or a cast iron skillet. Sprinkling on salt and pepper is definitely a no-no, as is rubbing in cooking oil. What you’re really doing is breaking in your corset, like a new pair of shoes, so that it will stretch and mold to fit your body perfectly, providing the comfort and support you need throughout your waist training journey.

The last thing you want when spending months or even years in the pursuit of semi-permanent waist slimming is a garment that pinches and chafes, or that is otherwise ill-fitting and uncomfortable. Just as you must train a love interest to drop bad habits that irritate and vex you, so too must you take the time to season your corset to loving perfection. How can you get the job done? On a schedule, of course!

Corseting like Clockwork?

Unfortunately, there is no set corset seasoning schedule to follow. Everyone is going to have a different timetable when it comes to molding a rigid corset to the soft contours of their own body. In addition to differences in bodies and corsets, you’ll have to account for other variables like experience, pain tolerance, goals for waist size, time tables for hitting a certain size, weight loss through diet and exercise, and so on.

In other words, no two waist training schedules are going to be the same. That said, there are general guidelines that could help you to get your corset seasoned within a reasonable time frame, say two weeks.

2-Week Corset Seasoning

Seasoning a corset in just two weeks is pretty aggressive. For veteran corset wearers, it’s totally doable, but newbies may have some trouble keeping up. Remember that you can extend this schedule to a month or more, depending on what feels comfortable for you. Waist training should never cause you pain – it should be a fun and functional way of obtaining the svelte silhouette that makes you feel wonderful in your skin!

For the 2-week seasoning schedule, you’ll start out lacing your new corset snugly, but not too tight (shoot for no more than a 2-inch waist reduction) and wearing it just a couple hours each day for the first three days. Over the next three days, up your wear time to three hours per day. Heading into week two, you can start wearing your corset four hours a day (for days 7, 8, and 9), followed by three more days of 5-hour wear. The last two days of your 2-week seasoning safari will call for wearing your corset six hours a day.

Quick Caveats

There are two very important things to remember when seasoning a stiff, new corset. One: do not over-tighten your corset. If you tighten too much, too soon you could end up warping the boning and flushing a lot of money down the drain in the process.

Two: don’t suffer discomfort. When you get a new pair of Michael Kors pumps, you know you’re going to have to limit your wear time until they’re broken in or face the pain of blisters. There’s nothing noble about suffering for fashion, ladies! When it comes to conforming your corset to your body, take your time. You’ll be happier with the long-term results and end up loving the snug hug of your corset instead of seeing it as a vice-like torture contraption.

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