How Many Waist Training Corsets Do I Need For Results?

How Many Waist Training Corsets Do I Need For Results?

We live in a world of more.  It seems like someone is always trying to tell you to get more clothing, more makeup, or more pillows on your bed.  Okay, seriously, we have to stop with all the pillows.  I might spend more time taking decorative pillows on and off the bed than actually sleeping in it.

When it comes to corsets, however, you might reasonably wonder if you need more than one.  Although bonafide, steel boned, waist training corsets can be costly, and having one might seem like enough, the truth is that serious waist trainers need to make an investment.

What if you had only one spoon?  You’d have to wash it every day just to eat your cereal, unless you fancy slurping your Cheerios.  There are occasions when more is better, and when it comes waist training, there are a few reasons why you should consider having more than one corset on hand.

Seasoning Takes Time

Suppose you have a single corset.  You wear it every day and over time it conforms to your body, hugging you with the comfort of a favorite friend.  You don’t want to let it go, but eventually, it will break down, as everything does, and stop providing the level of compression and support you need. What now? 

Well, you have to season a new corset, and this could take a few weeks.  During the process, you’re likely to experience some discomfort and the process may temporarily derail your waist training progress.  If only you’d thought to season multiple corsets simultaneously, you could have avoided this hassle!

One Corset Wears Out Quickly

When you buy a pair of shoes you love, that cushion your feet all day and somehow look cute with absolutely every outfit, you want to keep them forever.  If you wear them every day, though, the abuse is going to take a toll, and within a few months, you’ll find your favorite footwear falling apart at the seams.  Oh, the humanity! The same basic principle applies to corsetry.  Although waist training corsets are designed to hold up under the stresses of use and last a long time, they aren’t indestructible.  If you want to get the most out of the time you spend seasoning your corset to perfection, the best options to extend the longevity of your garment is to give it time to breath by swapping it out with other corsets.

How Many Corsets Do You Need?

This is a hard question to answer.  In theory, you only need one functioning corset for waist training, but as discussed above, having at least a couple to swap out is wise.  Ideally, you’ll have one for each day of the week, giving the others plenty of time to rest and preserving their usable life, possibly for years to come. In reality, we can’t all afford to drop several hundred or even thousands of dollars outfitting our corset wardrobe.  When starting out, you’ll want a minimum of two corsets, but three is better to get your rotation going.  Over time, you can invest in and season additional corsets for convenience and to extend the life of all your waist training garments.

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