Does Waist Training Make Your Hips Bigger?

Does Waist Training Make Your Hips Bigger?

There seem to be a lot of misconceptions about what steel boned, waist training corsets actually do for your body.  Some of this confusion has to do with all the FB influencers out there claiming that “waist trainers” help them lose weight and shape their bodies.  In truth, these people are simply wearing flexible cinchers as they work out, and there’s no proof this provides any benefit whatsoever – they’re likely losing weight and toning their bodies through good old hard work alone.

Then there are the rumors that corsets can somehow flatten a tummy, reduce excess fat and skin in the midsection, or create a more permanent hourglass physique.  Is there any truth to these rumblings?  Will a corset whittle your waistline?  Does waist training make your hips bigger?  Let’s separate fact from fiction.

How a Corset Works

When you put on a corset and tighten the laces, you’re going to see immediate changes in your appearance.  This garment is designed to provide compression and support in very specific ways, contouring your midsection into a desired hourglass shape.

However, it doesn’t literally change your body.  When you take the corset off, you’re still going to have the same excess weight, tummy pooch, or other problem areas you had before you donned the garment.  This is because a corset redistributes soft tissue like skin and fat, arranging it in more pleasing proportions.

However, when you nip in the waist line, you’re going to see visual counterparts, one of which could be seemingly larger hips or a more pronounced bust.  When the waist looks proportionally smaller to the rest of your body, it will naturally create the illusion of larger hip and/or bust areas as a result, emphasizing the hourglass shape.

In addition, the excess fat and skin you remove from the waist must be redistributed elsewhere.  It could be pushed up or down (depending on the corset style you select), further emphasizing the disparity between waist and hip size.  If you find this problematic, your best bet is to experiment with different corset styles and springs.

Lasting Results

The next question many people have when it comes to corsets is whether or not they deliver permanent results.  This is where waist training enters the picture, and no, we’re not talking about celebrities wearing cinchers during their workouts.

Waist training with rigid, steel boned corsets involves a lengthy regimen of wearing corsets daily for months in order to slowly and incrementally reduce waist size, ultimately by up to several inches.  This will deliver semi-permanent results.  When you take off your corset, your waist will remain at its new, smaller size.

Of course, this only works with continued waist training.  If you take a break, your waist will begin to revert to normal proportions.  However, if you maintain your waist training regimen, you will enjoy a smaller waist and hourglass proportion.  This could create the illusion of larger hips, but in truth, your hips probably haven’t changed in size.  They merely appear to have larger proportions because they’re now offset by a smaller waist.

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