Will Wearing a Steel Boned Corset Damage My Organs?

Will Wearing a Steel Boned Corset Damage My Organs?

Like the legend of the Loch Ness Monster, the infamous Sasquatch, or the Abominable Snowman, there is a pervasive myth that waist training with steel boned corsets will somehow crush your internal organs. Television doctors have even given creed to this strange theory, so it must be true! Right?

Not so fast. Corsets have been a part of women’s fashion, in one form or another, for hundreds of years. It wasn’t until relatively recently that strong, durable, steel boning replaced other materials (like traditional whale boning, from whence the name “boning” in corsets actually derived). However, modern corsets are very similar to the garments of old, except that they probably come in a greater variety of textiles these days.

What does this mean for your organs? If you’re asking yourself, “Will wearing a steel boned corset damage my organs?”, you’re not alone. Here’s the skinny what happens to your insides while you’re busy shaping the outside.

Is My Corset Crushing Me?

The simple answer is maybe – it depends on how you use it. When you engage in waist training, or the semi-permanent slimming of the waist through wearing progressively smaller corsets over an extended period of time, you are going to squish some of your body. The thing is, our bodies, including our organs, are fairly flexible.

When you put on your waist trainer, you’ll probably notice some flesh squishing out the top and bottom because you’re squeezing your midsection and the displaced skin has to go somewhere. The same is virtually true of your organs. When you slim your waist, any organs in the way might shift up or down slightly in the process.

That said, if you are waist training correctly, wearing properly sized corsets and following a regimen for sizing down slowly, over time, you’re very unlikely to cause any harm. If, on the other hand, you force yourself into a corset that is too small, doesn’t fit your body type, or is cheaply made, there’s a strong possibility you could do some damage to your body, although most likely in the form of discomfort and bruising.

If you were actually doing harm to internal organs like your kidneys, liver, and lungs, you would notice the side effects because these organs would stop functioning properly, leaving you in dire medical straits.

Why Does the Myth Persist?

Ask yourself how many instances of damaged organs you’ve heard about in relation to waist training corsets. Probably none. No exploding spleens or dislocated livers, no collapsed lungs. This is because the idea of steel boned corsets damaging organs is a myth.

So why does it persist? Those who perpetuate the notion have some logic and evidence on their side, but it is primarily related to instances of waist training incorrectly. Have women passed out while wearing corsets because they couldn’t get enough air? Sure. Were the corsets cinched too tight? Almost certainly.

When worn correctly, your corset should never cause you harm. A little discomfort is par for the course when you’re actively slimming your waistline, but steel boned corsets should never be worn so tight, so quickly that they cause you actual, physical harm.

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