Why Do Women Wear Corsets?

Why Do Women Wear Corsets?

Some people want to know why the sky is blue. Others like to ponder what happens after we die. Then there are people who puzzle quandries of life that are a little closer to home, like why some women wear corsets.

Women’s undergarments have probably been a conversation piece for time immemorial. Ah, the mysteries of femininity! Is it vanity alone that causes women to squeeze into shapewear? Is it societal pressure to conform to changing standards of beauty?

The truth is that both of these explanations play some role in the artistry and evolution of female undergarments. However, it is women themselves who decide which garments to wear, who decide what makes them feel beautiful and feminine, and who decide to what level they wish to mold their bodies into a specific shape.

Why do women wear corsets? The answer is as varied as women themselves. Here are just a few reasons why many women decide to take up waist training and don modern corsetry.


Everyone has different ideas about what is beautiful. The ideal of feminine beauty, from a societal standpoint, differs from one culture to the next and changes throughout the course of history. I’d like to say that these things don’t affect us, but ladies, you know it’s a lie. We’ve all let cultural norms dictate our style choices at some point, and thanks to social media, our style snafus will live in infamy. Stop posting my pics on throwback Thursday, Mom!

Still, every woman finds ways to make herself feel beautiful, special, and confident, whether that means wearing makeup, staying in shape, or slimming the waist with a corset, for example. Many women even wear corsets for fashion, lacing them up over dresses or blouses and under blazers to serve as wide belts or fancy, feminine alternatives to vests. The way corsets can enhance beauty is just one of the many reasons women wear them.

All the Feels

While the cosmetic benefits of corsetry are obvious, not all women wear them for the sole purpose of looking svelte. Corsets can also have physical and emotional benefits. In other words, they can make you feel good on multiple levels.

Some women wear corsets to correct their posture and reduce lower back pain. As someone who frequently hunches over a keyboard like Quasimodo, I have enjoyed this benefit of corsetry myself. If you happen to be well endowed, corsets can also lend support to the ladies that helps to alleviate lower back pain. Some women even wear them to prevent or compensate for back injuries, although this is one of those gray areas where you should probably consult with a physician before getting gung-ho with your home remedies.

Then there are the emotional benefits of waist training to consider. A corset can make a woman feel beautiful, sexy, and confident. It can improve self-esteem. It can make her feel in control. It can give her a way to make her own wants and needs a priority. Yes, corsets are miracles! Corsetry may not come from the cosmos or hold the answers to life and death, but whatever reasons women have for wearing these fabulous undergarments, there’s no denying the many benefits to be gained in the process.

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