What is an Underbust Corset?

What is an Underbust Corset?

When you first dip your toes in the exciting pool of corsetry, you might not realize it’s so deep. It’s a common misconception that the category of corset is limited to a single garment, but nothing could be further from the truth.

There are several different types of corsets, and even beyond this category, there are waist cinchers, girdles, merrywidows, and other undergarments designed to sculpt and beautify the female form. When it comes to corsets, in particular, though, you’ll find there are two main categories to choose from: overbust and underbust.

What is an underbust corset? What benefits does it impart? Who is it best suited for? Here’s all you need to know about this enticing form of corset.

What is an underbust corset?

An underbust corset, as you may have guessed, is simply a corset that spans your torso from your hips to just under the bust (as opposed to an overbust corset that extends upward to cover the bust area). Within this category of corset you have many options for length, shape, spring, materials, construction, and so on. The only thing you won’t see is coverage for the bust.

What are the benefits of an underbust corset?

An underbust corset is often recommended for newbies to the world of waist training. You start by riding a bike with training wheels, or perhaps more aptly, you start your foray into women’s undergarments with a training bra (and let’s be honest, we all need a bit of training before we’re comfortable wearing a bra daily). So why wouldn’t you start your waist training journey with what basically amounts to the beginner corset?

It allows you more flexibility than an overbust option, you maintain your full lung capacity, and it’s easier to hide under modern clothing. Also, underbust corsets are likely to cost a bit less than overbust options. In fact, these beauties can be so comfortable that many women choose to stick with them throughout their waist training experience. You can also wear them over clothes as a fashion statement, and they allow you to stick with your normal, everyday bras.

Who should wear an underbust corset?

Underbust corsets can work for anyone, but they’re a particularly good choice for those just starting out with waist training, or even trying corsets for fun and fashion. You may also prefer and underbust option if you have an ample bosom [See: Corsets for Big Busts], or alternately, you’re a little lacking in the chest area.

It’s much easier to find the perfect fit with an underbust corset. If you already have trouble finding bras that fit, you might not be able to get the right overbust corset off the rack – you won’t have this issue with underbust options.

That said, it’s still important to make sure you choose an underbust corset that fits you perfectly, especially if you plan to wear it daily for the purposes of waist training. Regardless of the corset style you choose, you want it to be comfortable or you’re not going to keep wearing it. Take good measurements and if at all possible, try before you buy so you can procure the perfect underbust corset to suit your body and your goals.

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