How Much Does a Corset Reduce Your Waist?

How Much Does a Corset Reduce Your Waist?

Ladies, I think you’ll probably agree that there are many ways to try to trim your waist line, and most of them are kind of dumb. I mean, cabbage soup diet? Really? Yeah, okay, I did that for about two days and then my husband was like, “The house smells like cabbage, and hon…so do you.” Like I needed another excuse to give that one up. Ew.

The point is, there are plenty of fad diets and spot-training exercises that are supposed to help you reduce the size of your waist. Do they work a little? Sometimes, but they’re mostly more trouble than they’re worth, at least in my experience.

Here’s the good news: there’s another option for those of us who prefer instant gratification. With a proper, waist training corset you can not only get immediate result, but you can see semi-permanent slimming over time, and slide into some gorgeous undergarments in the meantime. It may sound too good to be true, but it actually works.

So, just how much does a steel boned corset reduce your waist? Here are a few factors involved in the art and science of slimming your midsection.

Corsets by the Numbers

When you purchase a proper waist training corset, which is to say, a product that consists of steel boning, rigid busks, and strong, durable textiles, you can generally expect that a product made for your current waist size could provide reduction of 2-4 inches. Of course, it’s important to understand that you’re not likely to squeeze your waist four inches on the first wear, especially if you’re not accustomed to wearing a corset on a regular basis.

For one thing, you have to get comfortable wearing a corset and moving around in it, and this will take some time. In addition, a brand-new corset has to be broken in a bit, just like a new pair of shoes. In time, a stiff corset will conform to your body and you’ll be able to start cinching in tighter and tighter until you achieve optimal waist reduction. Later on, you can always consider downsizing.

Your Body

Everyone’s body is a little different, and while some take to corseting like a fish to water, others may find the results slower in materializing. When you put on a properly-sized corset, you will see immediate results of probably an inch or two of slimming, depending on how comfortable you feel cinching the laces. It’s best to go slow so you don’t end up huffing for breath, or worse, squeezing out some gas (yeah, that can happen, girls – just saying).

There’s no need to rush the process! Even if your body doesn’t take to wearing corsets quickly, it can be coaxed over time, delivering the smaller waist size and curvier appearance you crave.

Additional Efforts

In addition to adding a corset to your daily wardrobe rotation, you might be interested in using a sensible diet and exercise regimen to further slim your waist. If you’re packing a few extra pounds or trying to lose baby weight, corsets offer great motivation, thanks to instant slimming of at least an inch or two, as well as even greater long-term results.

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