Waist Training at Work: Stealthing Your Corset While on the Clock

Waist Training at Work

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When you hear the word stealth, you might think of a sneaky cat burglar. One dressed in black, scaling the side of a building, climbing through the window, and opening a safe with nothing but a stethoscope. Or you might imagine an angular jet that defies detection by radar technologies.

Your first thoughts probably aren’t of waist training garments like your corset collection. And yet, when you’re waist training at work, a little stealth can come in handy. Just as you’d rather avoid having coworkers notice a VPL through the seat of lightweight slacks, you probably don’t want to advertise that you’re wearing a corset.

In other words, you want to stealth your support and compression waist training garments. However, stealthing a corset isn’t as easy as swapping out your comfortable weekend granny panties for a workday thong. You’re going to have to get a bit more creative if you want to hide a corset under modern clothing.

Five Tips for Waist Training at Work

How can you stealth your corset and continue waist training privately while at work? Luckily, you’re not the first working girl to find herself facing this problem. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your corset under wraps.

Minimize Bulk

Stealthing a corset starts with choosing the right style of garment. If you prefer to wear overbust corsets, select a material like satin that other fabrics will glide over, rather than clinging. Even so, the outline of the garment may be somewhat visible.

The solution, then, is to opt for an underbust corset that’s easier to hide. A tiny waspie is probably your best choice, but any short underbust corset should be fine. Either way, be sure to choose unobtrusive fabrics, such as satin or mesh. Also, avoid embellishments that could show through clothing.

Next, you’ll need to minimize the bulk of the laces. That means giving up durable nylon in favor of double-face satin ribbon that will lay flatter when tightened and tucked. You may have to replace it at some point, but you’ll get your use-value out of it if it stays hidden better than other laces.

Obfuscate Busks

While you can choose shorter corsets, thinner materials, and flat laces to stealth under lightweight, modern clothing, there’s not a lot you can do to minimize the bulk of your busks. That means you’ll need a different strategy to hide the potentially visible bulk of this front-facing bulge, lest coworkers wonder what’s poking out of your abdomen.

There is one straightforward option to consider here, and that’s choosing a button-down blouse. The placard and buttons will naturally add some bulk to the front of your torso, effectively camouflaging the vertical line of bumpy busks beneath.

Choose Your Tops Wisely

Even with the stealthiest of corsets under your clothing, you’ll still need some help from your wardrobe to hide the fact that you’re waist training at work. Heavier fabrics can help a lot, as can textured knits. Woolens, tweeds, and sweaters are ideal.

When heavy fabrics look suspicious during warmer months (and feel awful), choose tops that pull away from the body, such as tucked, bloused tops and empire-waist, A-line tops that float away from the torso.

Add an Extra Layer

If much of your office attire is composed of flimsy material like jersey, rayon, and chiffon, for example, you don’t have to dump your whole wardrobe for thicker textiles. All you have to do is add a layer, such as a jacket or a vest. 

Even a relatively lightweight second layer will help to camouflage the corset under a thin top. It will also elevate your style game with a work-appropriate finishing piece.

Un-stealth Your Waist Training at Work Strategy

Stealthing isn’t easy, but you can do it with the right pieces in place. What if wearing heavy fabrics and extra layers over your cinched corset is just too hot and uncomfortable? In this case, it may be time to un-stealth or conceal your waist training more accurately by transforming your undergarment into an accessory.

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You can wear certain corsets over lightweight tops as a fashion statement. Waspies make for an excellent facsimile of a wide belt, while an overbust corset can sub for a vest when worn with a blouse or starched Oxford. Just make sure to steer clear of textiles that scream boudoir to keep it work-appropriate. With a few simple stealthing tips, you’ll have no problem sneaking in your waist training hours while you’re on the clock.

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