Finding the Perfect Stealthing Corset to Hide Under Your Clothes

Finding the Perfect Stealthing Corset to Hide Under Your Clothes

The average woman may not be embroiled in the intricacies of spy craft, but ask just about any woman on the street about the stealth required where undergarments are concerned, and they can talk for hours about the difficulties of avoid VPL (visible panty line), especially under modern skinny jeans or athletic wear like yoga pants, and the frustration of bras that utterly fail to account for back and underarm fat.

There are companies now offering seam-free underwear, smooth sides bras, and so on, but it takes time and money to find the perfect fit for your body, and the proposition can become more difficult when you increase the size and bulk of your undergarments.  For women who wear corsets daily for waist training, this can be a real problem.  How do you hide your corset under thin, modern materials like jersey knit that show every bump and ripple?

The trick is finding the perfect stealthing corset to suit your waist training needs while hiding under any ensemble.  Does this magical unicorn of the corseting world actually exist?  To be honest, you’re never going to find a corset that mimics bare flesh under your everyday tops, any more than you can find a bra that truly feels like you’re wearing nothing.  However, you can find options that offer minimal bulk and are relatively easy to hide under even thin fabric tops.  Here’s what you’ll want to look for in a stealthing corset.

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Body-Hugging Construction

I know what you’re thinking – all corsets are designed to hug the body and shape your curves.  This is true, but not all corsets are constructed the same, and you’ll want to look for a low-profile configuration that isn’t going to add any unnecessary bumps or bulges to your silhouette.

For example, some corsets feature artfully scalloped or pointed edges across the top or bottom.  This is a no-no if your heart is set on stealth.  A straight or gently curving edge that molds to the body is ideal when you’re trying to hide your corset under clothing.  Save your creative corsetry for outerwear or intimate settings.

Most waist training corsets also come equipped with sturdy busks for fastening the front, and quick release if necessary.  Unfortunately, this can cause some bumps under clothing, especially if it’s fitted.  Stealth could be achieved by wearing a button-down shirt to hide the busks, but you could also opt for a closed front corset that provides an unbroken line across the belly.  You’ll just have to shimmy in and out of your corset by loosening the laces.

As for bulky laces, these can easily be hidden in a number of ways.  If you lace to the center of the corset, you can tie your bow, slide excess laces under the x-es of lacing, and tuck the remainder under the bottom edge of your corset.  You can also tuck them in the top, but this requires more flexibility and possible a pair of helping hand.

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Hidden Boning

Rigid, steel boning is essential to the proper function of your corset, but it can stand out like an exoskeleton under fitted tops.  If you don’t want to look like an extra from Aliens, simply look for corsets with internal or sandwiched boning channels (as opposed to external) for a smoother exterior surface.

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Smooth Textiles

Common corseting textiles like leather, canvas, and brocade are certainly robust, but they’re also going to noticeable bulk under clothing.  Satin is a great option to combat the potential for bulk and ensure that clothing slides smoothly over your corset, but cotton twill is also a good option that tends to be more durable.

Skin Tones

Whether your skin is mocha, bronze, apricot, or pale as the driven snow, you can find corsets in color palettes close to your natural skin tone.  This will ensure that your corset is virtually invisible under even thin fabrics in lighter colors.

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