What to Do With Extra Laces in the Back of Your Corset

What to Do With Extra Laces in the Back of Your Corset

You’ve finally got your corset laced after hours of exhaustively watching YouTube tutorials. You’ve buckled in, looped your bunny ears around a doorknob, and carefully tightened your corset to a comfortable girth. Somehow, you’ve managed to contort your arms, hands, and fingers behind your back to tie the loops into a perfect bow. Sadly, your struggles are not yet over.

Now you’ve got a yard of leftover laces to deal with. What the heck are you supposed to do with these droopy extras? You can hardly leave them hanging to the floor or hook them over your ears.

While double or triple tying them into bows is an option, you’re bound to end up with a lot of extra bulk that’s iffy on the outside of clothing and even worse under other garments. Nobody wants to look like they’re smuggling a capuchin monkey up the back of their shirt.

Luckily, there are several possible solutions you can try, although there are also a couple you should probably avoid. Here are a few tips on what to do with extra laces in the back of your corset.

Wrapping Around the Waist? Forget It

There’s a good chance that the first solution you come up with will be pulling the excess laces around the front of the corset and crossing them over to loop back around before tucking the ends up into your corset. It makes good sense, but it’s also a terrible idea.

This can chafe your laces and cause deterioration, but laces are pretty cheap to replace. The worse offense is that it can cause friction on your corset, and this is a much more expensive error. However, the basic idea is sound. Instead of wrapping laces around your waist, try wrapping them at the hip level around the circumference of your torso and tucking them up under the corset as you go.

Braid the Laces

So, you’ve got several feet of lacing left even after tying rabbit ears into a bow. No problem. Simply braid the laces down your back and tuck them into the bottom or top of the corset. If you can’t braid behind your back and you have no one to help you, try twisting them or pulling them taut before tucking.

Cutting the Excess

This is generally not recommended, but if you’re so frustrated by excess laces that you’re ready to throw in the towel on waist training, it may be time for extreme measures. If you’re going to cut the laces, you have to go about it in the right way.

First, put on your corset and loosen it until it’s just barely snug enough to stay in place on your torso. Carefully remove it, refasten the busks, and lay it face-down. Without pulling all the laces tight, shorten your rabbit ears to the desired length, keeping in mind that you’ll have a bit more length when you cinch during wear.

Next, pull the excess length through to the bottom of the corset, where the ends of your laces are knotted. Cut the excess and retie the ends – you may need to reinforce with a drop of glue to stop the ends from fraying. This isn’t ideal, but it can work if you’re careful.

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