How to Tie a Corset on Your Own (With 3 Easy Options!)

How to Tie a Corset on Your Own (With 3 Easy Options!)

There’s just no denying the absolute appeal of a corset, with its proven ability to slim your waist and give you the natural curves that are every woman’s birthright. You might be stuck with what god gave you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some editorial license. Am I right? Yasss, queen!

So, you’ve got your sexy slimmer and you’ve already gone through the tutorial to learn how to lace it properly. Suddenly you come to a startling realization. Who is going to tighten it for you once you’ve got it on?

If you don’t have a significant other, a roommate, or a manservant on hand to cinch you in, how can you achieve the level of tautness you want on your own? The good news is that there are a couple of excellent tricks to help you figure out how to tie a corset without the aid of a separate set of hands.

1. Rabbit Ears

The place to begin any time you’re lacing yourself into a corset is by making yourself some pull tabs to expedite the process. These are known as rabbit ears and all you have to do once you’ve finished lacing your corset (before you actually put it on) is create loops on the loose ends of laces so that you have something to hook your hands through for easier tightening.

Now you’re ready to hook your busks and get started tightening laces, and there are a couple of ways to go about it.

2. The Shoelaces Method

If you’re fairly flexible, you can use can use the traditional method of tightening. You’ll start by grabbing your rabbit ears and pulling them tight. Next, you’ll work from the top and bottom of laces toward the middle (where the ends hang out), pulling the lacing tight and then using your rabbit ears to take up the slack as you go.

This is the same basic concept as shoelaces, progressively tightening from end to end, one row of grommets at a time, until you achieve the desired level of tightness. It’s important to shoot for a straight line from top to bottom. You might be tempted to cinch more at the waist, but this will put added strain on the material of your corset and could cause damage.

When your corset feels uniformly snug from top to bottom, pull any remaining slack from the ends of the laces and tie them in a bow.

3. The Doorknob Method

Let’s be honest – we’re not all contortionists, and hey, some corset go higher up the back than others. In any case, if you can’t seem to reach the top of your corset, there is an easier option. Simply hook one of your rabbit ears on the knob on either side of a door and walk away from the door, tightening laces as you go.

What to Do with Excess Lacing

There are a couple of good options for leftover laces. Once you’ve tied your bow, you can either pull lacing up and tuck it in the top of the corset, or you can skip the bow in back, pull the laces around front, and tie them there. Easy, peasy, tummy squeezy!

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