Corset Storage 101: How to Store Your Corset

How to Store Your Corset

Corsets are a beautiful addition to any woman’s wardrobe that can add curves in a hidden capacity or spice up everything from dresses to button down blouses when worn as a fashion garment. They can also add some heat in the bedroom if you’re into some sexy cosplay. Get it, girl! As garments go, however, steel boned corsets are a bit more complex than your average undergarment or finishing piece. If you bunch up your panties and throw them on the floor, a wash is all it takes to reshape them. The same is not true of your corset, which requires better care. Once you’ve followed tutorials on lacing your corset (the first time around it took me about three tries to get it right) and you’ve learned how to properly get in and out of this shapewear, you need to know how to store your corset properly to ensure that it stays in ship shape for years. Here are a few helpful tips on how to store your corset.

Button Up

Before you put your corset in mothballs, it’s best to properly prep it for storage. This means leaving it laced and fastened until your next use. Laces should be tightened to close any gap in the back and busks should be fastened. Okay, I can already hear you mumbling out there about busks not staying closed. Without your body to fill in the corset, busks can easily slip open. Slow your roll, fussypants! There’s a trick to it. In order to keep corsets closed while in storage, you’ll have to slide the middle loop underneath the pin instead of over it before fastening the rest of the loops normally. In other words, it will look as though the middle loop is inside the corset while all the rest are outside and properly looped around pins. Now your corset is ready for storage.

Hang ‘Em High

There are several options when it comes to where and how to store your corsets. One great option for easy access is to hang them in your closet, or even on wall hooks, on display, if you’re intent on spicing up your decor. There are actually a couple of ways to hang corsets. One is to stick a safety pin through the inner lining on either side of the corset and attach the pins to a wire hanger (or alternately, attach ribbons that loop over more robust hangers). Another is to open the busks and drape your corset over a hanger or laundry line so that the laces run across the line. This is probably the most common and preferred method of storage if you have the space.

Laid Flat

Got an empty lingerie drawer you’re itching to fill with fun and frilly undergarments? Hello, corsets! Once you’ve laced and fastened your corsets, simply lay them flat in a large drawer.

Rolled or Folded

If you’re looking to save space, this is the most economical option. Closed corsets can either be folded or rolled for storage in drawers or upright in bins. Since high-end corsets come with a storage pouch for safety, it’s best to return each corset to its pouch to avoid any damage that could be caused by heat, humidity, pests, and so on.

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