Does Waist Training Really Work? Yes… And Here’s How!

Does Waist Training Really Work?

Here’s a question we hear often: “Does waist training really work?” And the answer is “yes”! With proper wear and training, you can achieve amazing results – losing 3-7 inches off your waist. To achieve desired results with a waist training corset, it takes time, consistency, and dedication. So where do you begin? By definition […]

What Size Corset to Buy: Wearing your first Waist Training Corset

What Size Corset To Buy

You’ve finally decide to buy a corset. That’s great! But do you know what size corset to buy? How do you even figure out your size? We get this question regularly from our new customers shopping with Glamorous Corset. Steel boned corsets have many uses, waist training being the main purpose. Figuring out your corset size is actually […]

What’s the Difference Between Overbust and Underbust Corsets?

Difference Between Overbust & Underbust Corsets

There are a few things to consider when examining the difference between overbust and underbust corsets – and deciding which is right for you. While the names make the difference seem pretty straightforward, there are some qualities to consider when determining whether your body type or goals are better suited for an overbust or underbust corset. Below […]