An Intro to Glamorous Corset by Miss Audrey Monroe

An Intro to Glamorous Corset by Miss Audrey Monroe

Video Transcription

Hello loves. I’m Miss Audrey Monroe. Welcome back to my Glamour Channel here on YouTube.

So, today, I’m going to be discussing with you, corsetry. And this is a new playlist and a new series that I have started here. So, there will be more videos added weekly, up to a tune of about eight. So, I hope you will tune in for every single one that I’m going to be posting, hopefully every Friday.

Today’s video is just going to introduce you to the corsetry that I use, which is Glamorous Corsets. Glamorous Corsets is a woman owned business out of New York City. They are absolutely fabulous. They create beautiful, affordable corsetry that helps to waist train, define your waist, give you an hourglass figure, and really define your shape not for just the short term but possibly for the long term if you decide to waist train with them. And if you want to learn a little bit more about what’s underneath my clothing that helps me define that hourglass shape to really bring that old Hollywood glam into all the outfits that I wear, then please come hang out with me.


So, I have several different corsets that I’m going to be sharing and showing all of you today that come from Glamorous Corsets. Of course, their website will be in the description box, and I highly encourage for you to check them out as they have so many different options available. It’s really important when you start wearing corsetry to buy a corset that is meant for your body type. Meaning, if you have a short torso or a long torso, this is going to play an overall role in you having a good waist training routine and being able to wear a corset comfortably and having you want to wear a corset. Corsets do so much more than just bring in your waistline and give you an hourglass shape. Corsets can take weight off of your back and help your posture so that you’re sitting up straight. They can help you tone your body.

So, this video is not going to go into all the different corsets that Glamorous Corsets has to offer. This is really just a video of an overview of who and what Glamorous Corsets is. I am going to be making this into a series, so please check back weekly. If you want to make sure that you don’t miss any of those videos, please subscribe and hit the bell notifier so that you can always check back in and see what’s coming every single week.

So, one of the corsets that I have here is called the Emma Corset. Now, its important to note for all of you watching, that I do have a short torso. And when it comes to picking out a corset you have to understand if you have a long torso or a short torso. And you can do that by simply measuring. And Glamorous Corsets has a beautiful question and answer section where they show you and go through how you can measure your torso and even submit those measurements to them. So, that they then can highly recommend which corsets they think would best flatter your body and help you achieve an hourglass shape comfortably.

If you have a long torso and you are wearing a short torso corset, that’s not really going to be bringing you in where you need to be brought in. Its going to be uncomfortable. It is not going to evenly disperse pressure throughout that part of your body. And you are not going to want to wear your corset. On the off hand that you have a short torso, like I do, and not a long torso. Wearing a long torso corset when you have a short corset means that its going to dig in when you’re bending down, sitting down, driving a car, or running through your daily activities. And it’s not going to be comfortable. Or give you the most flattering affect.

So, the whole point of wearing a corset isn’t that you just wear it to events once in a while. Waist training means that you’re wearing a corset almost five days a week for multiple hours per day. Now, I love corsetry. I always have. And I’ve been waist training now for almost four months. In that process of wearing my corsets five days a week, probably for three to four hours, I have reduced an inch off my waist, without wearing a corset. Which means that the dress that I’m wearing in this video would not have fit me six months ago. So, it’s amazing.

So, you might be wondering, what does Glamorous Corsets have to offer? They have multiple different fabrics. This is a satin on the Emma Corset. This is a satin on the Bella Corset. And this is a cotton/mesh on the Bella Corset. This is perfect for those hot humid days where you still want to have a waist but you don’t want all that additional fabric under your clothes making you sweat and just feel uncomfortable due to humidity and just being hot.

I love all the different finishes and I love learning even more about corsetry. And I love the fact that I’ve been able to collaborate and be affiliated with Glamorous Corsets because they’re teaching me about corsetry just as well as I’m bringing you all their tips. And my personal experience using their corsetry.

I like that this does take pressure off my back while I’m wearing their corsets. I do struggle with lower back pain so it’s a relief to have something that helps keep me erect and support my back so that I don’t have to constantly feel lower back pain.

I like that these corsets also evenly distribute weight. So, when you’re wearing a corset, if it is pinching in at the waist and that’s not evenly distributed you are going to feel pressure. You are going to feel uncomfortable. I love wearing my corsets. Yes, I feel like there is a corset on. But your corset shouldn’t hurt you. A corset shouldn’t pinch you. A corset is just there to almost make you feel like you are getting a very long, big, firm hug. And that’s what is going to help give you that hourglass shape underneath your clothes.

Corsets are going to pull you in and give you more of that hourglass shape than basic shapewear such as Spanx, which is stretchy. It is comfortable. And it is going to smooth things out like lumps and bumps. But if you are wanting a very bomb hourglass shape a corset is what you are looking for.

Now, there is a seasoning portion to corsets. Glamorous Corsets into this in a lot of depth. And it will be coming to another video in this playlist. Make sure you come back for that. I share a lot about Glamorous Corsets and my waist training journey on my Instagram. So, if you haven’t become friends with me yet on Instagram, all my handles will be in the description box. Please come say hi on social. You can slide into my DMs and ask me questions. I really am an advocate for corsetry. Especially because I do wear a lot of true vintage pieces. And you might be thinking, “Well, Audrey, I’m not wearing a true vintage dress every single day. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. So, how is this going to help me?” When you are wearing a corset and you can wear this. You can do self waist training in jeans and t-shirt. It is still going to make that jeans and t-shirt look even better than it would if you weren’t wearing it.

So, Glamorous Corsets really wants you to have a successful experience while you are waist training and wearing their corsetry. One of the things that I love that Glamorous Corsets does is that it sends out a guide to your new corset with every single purchase. This is really great for those who are just starting and even for those who are seasoned but might need, you know, a few tips thrown at them or a refresher here and there. So, the book does go through how to tight lace, how to work out the laces, the best method of putting your corset on the very first time, working with the privacy panel, and seasoning it. And then it has all their information and where you can find them on their website of course and their social media outlets.

It is just something that they have added because they really care about their customers and they want their customers to have a great experience. If you don’t have a great experience and you give up too soon, you might be missing out on something that you’d really love.

So, I was highly encouraged when I first received my corset and I saw this because although I’ve worn corsets, I’ve never properly warned them or have been buying the corsetry that was meant for my torso.

Each corset that Glamorous Corsets sells does have a privacy panel, which is this little flap right here. And what that is going to do is it’s just going to really conceal the back as you’re tight lacing it, as you are bringing it in each time you wear it. And it’s also going to help keep it comfortable so that it doesn’t pinch your skin. And if you were to wear this corset exposed and not underneath clothes keep it looking really pretty and glamorous.

The other thing that they do in additional is they send out a little velvetian bag with gold handles and their logo. I love this little velvetian bag. Because when I traveled over a month or two ago, I was able to safely transport my corsetry onto the plane and keep it without getting mixed or damaged. Because the last thing that you want is to get these spiral steel bones bent or even ruin the bust which is what is in the very front and has the riveting to help close it around your waist. So, it’s also a way to keep them nicely stored in your underwear or lingerie drawer.

Of course over the next couple of weeks, because this is a playlist, I will be going into more in-depth things such as how to take care of your corsets, how to season your corset, how I tight lace myself without anybody helping me, what different corsets I own from Glamorous Corsets, and why I love them so much. Including the one that I’m wearing today which is my short Jolie corset.

If you have questions please put them in the comments. If you have been wanting to waist train but you’ve been worried about the negative side effects that you’ve heard, controversial things either on the news or on YouTube itself, you can ask me anything in the comment section. I’ll do my best to answer it. And if I don’t have an answer for you, I will hopefully have a link where you can get some more information. I love hearing from you guys. Thank you for hanging out with me and learning a little more about Glamorous Corsets. As I said before this is going to be series. So, please come back weekly so that you can see more videos. You can do that by subscribing. Hitting the bell notifier and joining me here, we have a lot of glamorous fun. And all my social media handles will be in the description box. I try to post new videos every Friday at 4 o’clock so hopefully I will see you next week.

Remember to stay kind and glamorous to everybody you meet. Especially during this time of quarantine during the Coronavirus epidemic. I love you my darlings and I will see you all soon. Bye.

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