Do Steel Boned Corsets Work? Yes! Here’s How…

Do Steel Boned Corsets Work? Yes! Here's How…

We live in a complex world and lead busy lives, so most of us never stop to wonder how certain things work.  We just accept that computers will send our emails, cars will take us to work when we turn the key in the ignition, and the Keurig will make us coffee until the reservoir runs out of water, usually when we’re late for work.

However, when it comes to the garments you choose to shape your body and help you look your best, it pays to consider the how and why so you can choose the best options for your particular physique and the shape you prefer.  While there are many types of shapewear to consider, you’ve probably heard that steel boned corsets are the gold standard when it comes to creating the svelte, feminine, hourglass figure many women crave.

The question is, do steel boned corsets work?  The answer is a resounding YES, but for best results, you need to understand how steel boning works, why it’s better than other options, and how to choose the particular features that will help you to meet your shaping and waist training goals.

The Skinny on Steel Bones

Over the years, all kinds of materials have been used to stiffen corsets, from wooden busks, to baleen boning, to thick, quilted fabrics.  These days, you’ll find two main option for boning: plastic and steel.  As you know, the latter is definitely the stronger of the two.

Plastic boning is frequently employed in light-duty shapewear like cinchers that essentially just smooth problem areas around the torso, hiding minor lumps and bumps under formalwear or everyday clothing.  It’s also used in fashion corsets to imitate the look of more robust boning, but without the same shaping power.

Steel boning is the real deal.  Steel bones have the strength and durability to provide the significant shaping you need to change your body proportions, and to slowly achieve semi-permanent waist slimming of up to several inches.

When you tighten the laces on a corset, expecting them to minimize your waistline and emphasize your curves, you need the power of steel to keep everything in place.  Flimsy, plastic boning will warp or snap under the pressure, ruining your garment and causing you some discomfort, to say the least.

How Waist Training Works

Waist training is a marathon, not a sprint.  While newbies can certainly tightlace a steel boned corset for instant results, this ill-advised action could result in significant discomfort, possible bruising, and likely, shortness of breath that could cause you to pass out.

If you really want to shave inches off your waist line, you need to take your time with an appropriate schedule that starts with seasoning your corset to fit your curves.  From there, you’ll tighten the corset incrementally over the course of weeks or months to ensure safe, healthy, and comfortable waist training.  Steel boned corsets can deliver incredible results, but if you don’t waist train properly, you can end up hurting yourself and derailing progress.

Choosing a Steel Boned Corset

Let’s just start by saying that everyone’s waist training journey is unique.  The corsets that work for your friends might not be right for you for a number of reasons.

First, you have to consider your body.  Your proportions and the makeup of your body are not like anyone else’s, so it pays to spend time taking precise measurements and trying on plenty of corset to find the look and feel you like.

You also have your own particular goals when it comes to waist training, and you need to select a corset based on your intended training schedule.  Maybe you just want a smoother look under clothing, and you don’t plan to minimize more than what a snug corset can provide right now.

Or you might plan to slim down by four or more inches over the course of several weeks or months.  Maybe comfort is your priority, or perhaps time is of the essence if you have an upcoming event.  Your goals will have a decided impact on the steel boned corsets you choose.

Understanding your body and your goals will help you to choose the corset that best meets your needs, providing the comfort and coverage you prefer.  With the right sizing, dimensions, and spring, you’ll soon be on your way to meeting your waist training goals.

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