How to Shrink Your Waist Trainer (Hint: Don’t!)

How to Shrink Your Waist Trainer

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So you are ready to downsize your corset and you want to know how to shrink your waist trainer instead of buying a new one in the correct size. What a thrifty idea! You’ll notice we didn’t say it was a good idea, but hey, you do get points for being frugal!

Tossing a corset in the washer and dryer to shrink it is a little like putting plastic picnic ware in the dishwasher. Sure, it will be clean, but you never know what kind of gnarled, melty unusable lump you’ll end up with. Don’t do it!

Your Glamorous Corset waist trainer is made of dense, high-quality material such as cotton, satin, or leather and steel boning. It is constructed to keep its shape over time, giving you fantastic support and compression for long wear. You may be able to shrink the material, but you can’t shrink steel boning, no matter how hard you try. It just won’t work!

If it’s time to downsize your corset, we have two things to say. First, congratulations! Your training efforts have paid off, and you should be proud. Second, are you sure? Many corset-loving babes are impatient, but rushing the training process can lead to frustration.

Signs It’s Time to Downsize

Waist training is a process. It takes time to see results, but wow, is it ever worth the wait! Before you waste an afternoon watching videos on how to shrink your waist trainer, make sure you’re really ready for a smaller-sized corset in the first place.

The Edges Are Overlapping

A correctly sized corset should have a wide gap where you lace it up when you first start wearing it. Over time, the gap will narrow until the edges of the garment overlap and you can no longer tighten it, no matter how snugly you pull the laces.

At that point, you can still enjoy your corset as a fashion piece, but it is no longer working to reduce your waist size.

Consider ordering a smaller size before the gap completely closes so you can begin the process of seasoning a new corset.

It Doesn’t Compress

A waist training corset is designed to provide rigid support and compression. Having your freedom of movement limited is part of the process. If your corset has become your most comfortable piece of clothing—something you feel like doing yoga in—then it definitely isn’t doing its job anymore.

You’ve Lost Weight

Many of our customers enjoy using a corset as part of their overall weight-loss program. If you’re eating better and increasing your exercise, waist training may help trim your waistline even faster.

That’s great news for your health (go you!) but not so great for your trainer. Any significant weight loss is a sign it’s time to downsize.

If the information above describes the state of your current waist trainer, forget about those hacks you saw on shrinking a corset. Get out your measuring tape and your credit card. It’s time to order a new trainer (and you’re awesome). 

Caring for Your Corset

Now that you know how to shrink your waist trainer—never do it, it won’t work, we’re not kidding—it’s a good time for a reminder on how to clean and care for your corset.

Corsets should be spot washed or dry cleaned only. Never put your corset in the washing machine or the dryer.

To spot clean, take a damp cloth and gently wipe any spots or stains. Use a weak solution of mild laundry soap and water for more thorough cleaning.  Never soak the material and do not scrub. If you do get the corset too wet, press a dry towel into the cloth to remove excess moisture.

Lay the trainer flat on a clean towel or hang to dry. If you hang it up, make sure it’s hanging in a “natural” shape as it would be on your body.

With these tips, you can keep your waist trainer in its best shape.

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