Video: A Newbie in Glamorous Corset by Viktoria Vintage

A Newbie in Glamorous Corset by Viktoria Vintage

In this video, Viktoria Vintage talks about being a newbie in a corset and her experience with Glamorous Corset.

Video Transcription

Hello. And welcome to my channel. Today, as you may have guessed from the title and from what I’m wearing, I’m going to talk about corsetry. The reason behind this is because the lovely ladies at the Glamorous Corset company was so nice to gift me this lovely corset that I’m wearing right now.

Glamorous Corset is a small women-owned business based in New York. And when they contacted me, I got so happy because I have always wanted to try a corset. But I’ve not been able to afford it. And I didn’t really know anything about it. So, I was really surprised that they contacted me. And so happy to try out their product.

Unfortunately, I have been really, really slow with making this video. Mostly because it took some time for it to arrive. When it first arrived, I had a lot on my schedule. But also, because I’m really new to corseting. And I didn’t know much about it.

So, this video will be a little bit about how a newbie like myself got introduced to put on a corset for the first time. Since I have never used corsets before, of course, I had some questions. Because I already have like a 30-centimeter difference between my hips and my waist, and I was really wondering how that will affect me putting on a corset. But the lovely ladies at the Glamorous Corset gave me a figure of where I should take measurements and said there was no problem with having a large hip to waist ratio as I have. Here you can see the figure that they sent me of where to take your measurements.

And I also didn’t know which corset to use or to try on or which size I should order because I didn’t know anything about corsetry, and I didn’t know how I could choose one that fits perfectly to my body. And they were so lovely to help me figure out which one I should try on. And I always feel really nervous about ordering things online that might not always fit. But they were really nice and helping me out with my questions. And when I send them my measurements, they suggested which one I should try.

They gave me two suggestions for which corset I should try. And I chose this one, which is the Jade Curvy black cotton corset. It is a steel bone corset which gives me dramatic hourglass figure. And as you can see, I am really happy about how my figure looks while I’m wearing this one. And I believe it’s not fully seasoned yet. But I will talk a little bit more about seasoning in a few minutes.

But first, I just want to talk a little bit about the size because that’s something you probably wonder about as a newbie corseting. And my waist measurement is 30-inches. Probably, when you put on a corset you want a smaller waist than you already got. So, I was really surprised when they said that I should try on this one, which is 24-inches waistline. And I’m not convinced that I’m fully down to 24, but I haven’t a measuring tape so I can’t really say how much my waist is reduced. And even though I probably put on some corona weight before my corset arrived, since I took the first measurements, it works out quite well. How much you can reduce your waist depends on how your body type is and I am a little bit squishy. So, for me, I can reduce a lot more than if your body is really hard.

Now, I’m going to talk a little bit about the seasoning process or breaking in the corset. This is the process you have to do. And for this, I probably need my notes so that I at least remember the more important parts.

Before you can start to use your corset, you will need to season it in. And that’s for the corset to fit better to your body and for your body to fit better into the corset. And this is to not hurt either you or the corset by putting too much stress on the corset, which can make the fabric rip. It will last much longer if you do season it properly. So, before you want to start putting it on, you will have lace it out so that it is quite loose and you can easily put it on to not put any stress on the bust, I believe it’s named. That’s this steel part here. And when you start to put it on you will want to have the bust quite straight on your stomach. And when you start lacing it up, because some of us are actually asymmetrical, you want the bust to be straight on the front. It may not look straight now because I’m sitting a little bit sideways. But it was straight when I put it on earlier today.

On the back side of the corset, we have what’s called a modesty panel. I can just turn around so you can see it. It’s behind here. The modesty panel should be laying flat, not get curled up in one corner, and I found this a little bit tricky. But I think there are people out there that are better than me to put on a corset. Even though I have been trying to do this for some time, I feel like I’m still a newbie trying to put it on, and I still need help to get it properly on like I have now. I just get confused and messed up with all the laces.

I have seen people who are probably more familiar to corseting than I put it on quite easy. And I would believe it will be easier with time when I’m more used to putting on a corset and the corset and I are getting a little bit more friendly than we are at the moment.

Something I noticed when I started to season the corset was some gaps that come here at my hips and here at my, I don’t even know what this part is called in English. But, under boobs? Under my boobs here. Because this corset is made for quite curvy people, and it will take some time for it to fit properly down here. So, if you see the gaps at the start of the process, this will be totally fine. It will be better with time. And you should probably not wear it for more than an hour the first day. I have seen different people say different things about how long you should be seasoning. But I think that depends a little bit on the person, on you, because for me it took much longer time than it was suggested that it would take. It could also be because of my poor lacing because it was much easier when I got help lacing it up. It was much better. But this is a process that takes time, and you should take the time to make it fit your body. You will be thankful for that later. And you will get more used to wearing a corset compared to just going to a party and wearing it for the first time.

So, if you want to use a corset at a party or something, you should really take the time to season it properly before the event. You should probably season at least five times. Some are saying one to one and half hour and five days. Some are saying start with an hour for the first day, then two hour, three hours the day after that. But I believe you should feel that on your body. Because I think everybody is different. And if you feel like it’s a stress to wear it, you should probably take it off and do more seasoning the next day, rather than forcing yourself to season it more.

So, when it comes to lacing yourself up it should be easier with time. I said that I had some problems in the beginning doing it. You should really take your time to lace up the first time because that was way more difficult than I would have thought. I have been looking at all those lovely ladies on Instagram and YouTube that got corset from Glamorous Corsets, they made it look so easy to lace yourself up. But I myself just messed it totally up the first time. So, put in some time if you are not familiar doing it. And after a while, it will be easier to do so. I promise it will be easier. Just take your time the first time.

Over to little tips that I have discovered while wearing the corset. I’m a big fan of pantyhose. And I have always been using pantyhose that goes all the way up to my waist. If you are wearing a corset, make sure to put the pantyhose above your corset, not under it. Otherwise, you will not be able to go the bathroom. It’s really uncomfortable if you have to really go to the bathroom and you have to lace yourself out. So, I recommend putting your pantyhose above your corset or don’t use pantyhose at all.

Something I also really enjoyed with the corset is that it keeps my body straight up and makes it much easier for me to sit because my posture isn’t that great. I have a tendency to lean over like this. And if I do that in the corset, it will feel much more uncomfortable than just sitting straight. So, I think this corset is just great for my posture. IT gives me this great shape. The only thing that I find a little bit uncomfortable is the fact that I’m a bit of a sway back and because of the corset it’s straightened up my back a little more than actually feels comfortable. But I believe, as I said, I think it’s not probably seasoned yet. And this will be better with time.

There is also one more thing that I want to mention in this video. And that’s the bad reputation that corsets have gotten when it comes to feminism. Because for some reason people believe that corsetry has been a way of oppressing women. They think that corsets are against feminism. I actually did some historical research. Corsetry is actually quite the opposite. It was one of the places where women were able to own their own businesses and make both corsetry and other clothes. So, I will link some videos down below that explain a little bit more about the history behind corsetry. Please don’t believe whatever they are suggesting without doing some actual historical research. Because the reason behind people believing that corsetry is against feminism is because of male propaganda from the 1800s. I will link some videos about that down below because that is really a misconception.

And also, one thing I forgot to mention. You should always wear something under your corsets. Don’t put it directly on your skin. For me that’s also about hygiene. You don’t want to wash your corsets too often. It is so much easier to wash whatever you have underneath.

This video didn’t include everything that I wanted to say about corsetry. I will link some videos about seasoning and other people that also have tried on corsets from the Glamorous Corset. They have worked with some great inspiring ladies. I have never worked with anyone before, but I had to say that this video is not sponsored or anything. I’m just a little bit overwhelmed that they have gifted me this corset and I am so grateful.

I have never worked with anyone like this before. And I’m so surprised that they reached out to me at all. And totally honored about that. And I felt really, really lucky because I have seen those beautiful Instagrammers and YouTubers that they have worked with before. And they are just so glamorous. All of those ladies. And they just fit with their name. They are glamorous. I’m so happy about how the corset is working on my body because I’m amazed about this figure that it gives me. And I hope to be wearing it sometime soon, under an actual outfit. And I hope to post a lot of pictures of it on Instagram. Of course, I will mention it when I’m wearing this so I will give off the impression that I have a figure that is way more dramatic than my normal figure.

I should probably do a comparison with my figure without wearing the corset, compared to this. So, here you can see me without wearing the corset. And you see I still got some waist but not as dramatic as it is with the corset on. And something that I forget to mention, when you are seasoning your corset, you should not tight lace it. That will come afterwards. And here you can see me putting it on. I will not lace it all the way on camera because as I have mentioned I am not very good at lacing it up myself. I usually do it evenly so it will not get any hard pressure at any specific point. I start lacing it evenly from the bottom and from the top towards your waist.

And as a comparison, here is my wearing my corset fully laced. And it gives me such a confidence and I love what it does to my body. Here you can see the back side. I’m still not completely, fully closed in the back. But I love the way it fits to my body and I can still do some seasoning to make it even better. But I’m really happy with how I look in this.

I hope there was some useful information here. I will definitely recommend Glamorous Corset to anyone. If you feel like you want to try this out, you can go to the link. I will put the link below to their site. If you write, Viktoria15, you can get 15% off your new corset. And I really hope that you take a look at their page.

So, yeah, goodbye.

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