Wearing a Corset While Riding a Bike / Cycling

Wearing a Corset While Riding a Bike / Cycling

It’s a beautiful day for a bike ride, but you don’t want to interrupt your waist training schedule. What do you do?

If you follow a few simple suggestions, you can do both!

Yes, wearing a corset while riding a bike is possible as long as you are careful not to overexert yourself. If you’re looking for a high-intensity cardio experience racing through the mountains, leave your corset at home. For a more fun and leisurely ride, take a look at the tips below.

Tip #1 – Wear the Right Corset

Having the right corset with the right fit is crucial for waist training. That’s especially true when doing any type of light exercise. To start, make certain your corset is made from a high-quality combination of spiral and steel bones (like all Glamorous Corsets). You may opt for an underbust or waspie style to make maneuvering easier.  

Tip #2 – Don’t Hide It

Wearing a corset while riding a bike could potentially make you extra sweaty, even if you take it easy. Quality corsets are constructed from dense material which is perfect for waist training but not so good for wicking away moisture.

Don’t wear your trainer next to your skin. Wear it over a light t-shirt or workout top to prevent chafing or rashes.

If you’re already into waist training, then you probably know that corsets must be dry cleaned or spot cleaned by hand.  The last thing you want is to get your lovely trainer soaked with sweat!

Tip #3 – Loosen Up

For best results, waist trainers need to be worn snugly — not so tightly that you can’t breathe, but they do need to hug your body firmly to work. However, if you want to get on your bicycle, it may be smart to loosen your corset just a little bit more than usual.

Try using the next bigger row of hooks than you are used to using in order to give yourself some breathing room.

Tip #4 – Take a Trial Spin

Don’t take off on your bike for a lunch date without testing things out first! An indoor bike would be perfect for a practice run, but if you don’t have one, you can mimic most of the motions involved with cycling while sitting inside on a chair. 

Put on your selected corset and practice sitting, swinging your legs, and moving your feet in a pedaling motion. Can you do it? If not, try a different corset. It may take some adjusting to learn how to stay balanced with a waist trainer on!

Bottom Line: Is Wearing a Corset While Riding a Bike a Good Idea?

If you follow our tips and put your safety first, it is possible to waist train while cycling. If you suspect you can’t balance and pedal and breathe and bend all while wearing a corset — whew, that’s a lot of things — don’t do it!  Or at least don’t do it right now.

The more waist training you do, the easier it will be to incorporate other activities into your routine. Don’t risk your safety. You can always make bike riding with a corset one of your training goals for the future! 

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