How Tight Should My Waist Trainer Be?

How Tight Should My Waist Trainer Be?

We’ve all cringed at those moments in movies where a girl is lying on a bed while her friend uses a pair of pliers to zip her into way-too-tight jeans. I’m ashamed to say I have similarly squeezed myself into teen-sized jeans that I should’ve purged from my closet at least a decade ago (but I hold onto, knowing that someday, somehow I will lose the requisite 20 pounds to fit into them again – yeah, right!).

This one outstanding self-delusion aside, it’s not often that I try to squeeze into clothing that really isn’t suited to my current body size. When it comes to waist training, however, we can all agree that a corset is meant to be snug, if not a little tight outright.

How tight should my waist trainer be, though? The answer to this seemingly simple question will differ from person to person, but if you’re concerned that you’re cinching your waist trainer too tight, or not tight enough, here are a few guidelines that should help you to get it right.

Take Measurements!

This is the key to ensuring your waist trainer is never too tight. Did you know that when you take your measurements, a waist training corset should be ordered 4-6 inches smaller than your natural waist for experienced waist trainers and 2-4″ smaller for novices?

Find the Right Fit for Your Body

We’ve all seen the charts that compare a woman’s body to a piece of fruit. Whether you happen to be an apple, pear, banana, or I don’t know, a raspberry, the important thing to remember is that your body is unique, and you have to find the garments that are going to provide the most flattering fit.

This is especially important with shaping garments like a waist training corset. Look for a shape that works for your physique, whether you’re slim or curvy, tall or short, busty or not so much. With some trial and error, you’ll find the corset that provides the most comfortable shaping.

Get Comfortable

Your waist trainer should fit snugly – it should not crush you like a vice! If you’re virtually wearing a torture device every day, how long do you think you’ll stick with your waist training regimen? Unless you’re a masochist, probably not long.

For one thing, pulling your laces too tight too soon isn’t really safe. You’re bound to cause bruising, and if you’re not accustomed to wearing a steel boned corset, you could end up passing out, just for example. In other words, you need to understand not only your threshold for discomfort, but also what is wise when it comes to waist training.

Some amount of squeezing is okay, and even necessary, but you should be able to comfortably breath and move around, conducting common daily activities when wearing your corset. If you find movement limited, you can’t sit down or bend over, or you’re in actual pain, you definitely need to ease up on the lacing.

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