What Kind of Corset is Best for Waist Training?

What Kind of Corset is Best for Waist Training?

You always want the best tools for the job. Have you ever tried basting a turkey with a spoon or hammering a nail with the butt end of a screwdriver? Full disclosure – I’ve done both of these things with various levels of epic failure. The first resulted in a minor burn, the second in three stitches.

The point is, having the right tools for the job makes your life easier and increases your odds of success. Believe it or not, this principle also applies to dressing yourself. You can’t hope to look your best when your garments aren’t right for your body, which is perhaps why potato-sack chic never really took off.

So, when you decide to start waist training, you naturally want a corset that’s going to fit comfortably while providing maximum waist-slimming benefits. Does this magical unicorn of a garment actually exist? Here’s how to go about finding the best corset for waist training.

Steel Boning

Ladies, this is non-negotiable. You cannot waist train without sturdy, steel boning in your corset. Are there other materials available? Certainly, but they’re not going to provide the strength needed for consistent and semi-permanent results. Plus, if you cinch a corset with plastic boning too tight, you’re either going to warp the boning or break it, leading to discomfort at the least and a trip to the ER at worst.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to finding the very best corset for waist training, but this is one area where you can’t compromise. You need the rigid structure of a steel boned corset to achieve safe and optimal results.

Corset Type

This is where finding the “best” corset gets a little tricky. Like finding the perfect partner, this is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. The good news is, there are plenty of options to choose from, including custom corsets. If only we could custom design partners!

In any case, you’ll want to explore the wide world of corsets before you settle on the perfect garment, understanding that you might kiss a lot of frogs before finding your prince, so to speak. Try overbust and underbust corsets, long-lines and waspies, and all different types of textiles to see what works best for you. The important thing is to find the look, feel, and fit that best suit your needs, even if it means shelling out the dough for a custom piece.

No matter what type of corset you select, for goodness sake, make sure you get the right size! Yes, you want to look smaller, but a too-tight corset is only going to make you miserably uncomfortable. Start at your size and work your way down.


Women who waist train have goals. Whether you’re looking for hourglass shaping or you’re set on reducing your waist by a set number of inches, the right corset can get you where you want to go. One area that many women neglect is spring.

Rib spring is the difference between waist and rib circumference, while hip spring is the difference between waist and hip circumference. Try different springs to get the shaping that helps you to reach your goals and look fantastic, but still feel comfortable along the way.

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