What’s the Difference Between a Corset and a Bustier?

Although corsets and bustiers appear similar to the untrained eye, they are completely different garments with completely different purposes. From the origins of the words themselves to their benefits, closures, and prices, we’ll explain exactly the difference between a corset and a bustier.  In short, there are room for both in your closet, but if you are interested in achieving an hourglass figure with waist-training, that’s a job that only a steel-boned corset can do.

The Word Origins of Corset vs. Bustier

The root of the word corset is “cors,” which literally translates to “body” in 13th Century Middle English. This makes a lot of sense, as corsets are not just a piece of clothing to be worn from bust to hip, but a tool that works with your body to shape an hourglass figure.

On the other hand, the root of bustier (pronounced “boost-yey) is “bust,” which English-speakers have recognized as “chest” or “breast” since the 1600s. Again, it’s fitting, as the purpose of a bustier is to “boost” the chest.

Benefits of a Corset vs. Bustier

Some of our customers come to us for the short-term benefits of wearing a corset. They want to cinch their waist for a big day, like a wedding; however, the majority come to us looking for longer, more permanent results.

All of our corsets are made with steel bones, which, over time, will reduce your natural waist size and train your abdomen into an hourglass figure. If you’re just getting started in waist training or want to know more about it, be sure to check out our guide of what to expect and FAQs, Waist Training 101.

A benefit of a bustier is that it does not have steel bones and, as result, is more flexible The midsection is often made of some type of shapewear., so if you want to tuck your tummy and lift your breasts for a few hours, a bustier will do the trick. Just know, there will be no permanent results.

Laces vs. Hook-and-Eye

Another great benefit of a corset are its laces. Along with metal grommets that hook in the front, the laces in the back give you the ability to cinch your waist as tightly or loosely as you wish. This will especially come in handy as your waist size begins to reduce – which it will, if you are being diligent about wearing your corset. According to the “rule of two,” wearing it every day for two hours for two weeks can lead to a reduction of up to two inches.

Bustiers don’t have laces; rather hook-and-eye closures similar to a bra. If you gain or lose weight, you’ll need to purchase a new bustier.

Pricing Differences

A bustier is something that you can pick up just about anywhere. Victoria’s Secret, Wal-Mart, Target – the prices will range anywhere from $19.99 to $99 and above, depending on which brand you choose.

Corsets are bit more of an investment. After all, this isn’t something you’re going to wear once or twice, then forget about – if you’re planning to waist-train, you’re going to be wearing it just about every day.

That said, our corset collection starts out at $69 and tops out at $114. Each and every one is made with steel bones and therefore is suitable for waist-training purposes. Considering the many benefits of a corset, it’s certainly worth it! There’s quite a variety of corsets on our site, but don’t get overwhelmed. We can walk you through how to pick put the style that is right for you.

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