Will a Corset Help Flatten My Tummy?

Will a Corset Help Flatten My Tummy?

A washboard stomach is a beauty ideal that most men and women would like to have. But why is it so hard to achieve? The fact that tacos are delicious may be one of the obstacles to your dream body. If so, you’ll be glad to learn that a lack of willpower isn’t the only thing standing between you and those rock-hard abs. 

Biologically speaking, women’s bodies are supposed to have more fat cells in the abdominal area, where a little extra padding protects reproductive organs. A few genetically gifted people actually do have flat tummies, but most people, especially women, won’t reach that goal no matter how many desserts they skip or hours they spend at the gym. Unless they have a secret weapon, that is. 

When diet and exercise aren’t enough to achieve the look you want, you might consider turning to other options. For instance, you may be wondering: “Will a corset help flatten my tummy?” The answer is both yes and no.  

Wearing a corset will immediately give you the look of a flatter stomach for an instant transformation. Waist training with a corset can provide temporary changes to your abdomen, but it won’t technically give you a flat stomach. 

How Does a Corset Work?

There are two key elements to a corset that other types of shapewear don’t have. First, the lacing on the back of a corset allows the wearer to progressively tighten the garment to achieve the smallest waist possible. 

The second element consists of the vertical strips of boning sewn inside the corset. Made from rigid steel, the boning helps to support and compress your abdomen at the same time.

While lightly compressing the abdominal area inward, a corset also redistributes your extra fluffy bits to create the coveted hourglass that figure corsets are known for. Technically, a corset reduces the size of your waist by cinching it in, but it does not necessarily “flatten” the stomach. Corsets don’t reduce excess skin or fat; they simply proportion it for a different aesthetic. 

The type of corset you wear also affects the way it shapes you. A corseting belt or waspie nips the waist for that sleek look, but a waspie doesn’t provide bust support or compress the stomach. A longline corset is needed to fulfill that purpose. 

Occasionally wearing a corset for fun or fashion will give you an instantly flatter-looking stomach. To make a semi-permanent change, you may want to explore waist training. 

Waist Training Explained

Waist training involves wearing a corset on a specific schedule with the goal of creating a semi-permanent change in your dimensions. Corsets aren’t magic, but they can be an effective tool in your effort to lose weight and flatten your stomach area after weight gain or pregnancy. 

Successful waist training begins with purchasing a high-quality garment in the right size and style for your body. After spending a few weeks breaking in or seasoning the corset, you can begin the slow process of incrementally adjusting the laces together and tighter as your waistline becomes smaller.

Over time, you can increase the number of hours a day you wear your trainer. With patience and commitment, waist training can reduce your waist measurement by several inches.

Of course, diet and proper exercise are necessary for losing weight and toning muscles. Like diet and exercise, waist training requires motivation and dedication. However, corsets also provide psychological support to your efforts. 

Indeed, many corset wearers have reported enjoying a boost of confidence from waist training. Feeling more empowered may help you stick to your self-care plans and meet your fitness goals. 

So Will a Corset Help Flatten My Tummy or Not?

Perhaps you’re still asking, “Will a corset help flatten my tummy?” If so, remember that the bottom line is that only surgery can make a permanent change to the shape or tone of your abdomen. Donning a corset will provide an immediate but temporary change to your appearance, and waist training can help you make semi-permanent changes over time. 

Corsets are sexy, fashionable, and fun to wear. That they are also a tool to help you achieve the look you desire is a definite bonus. No matter the shape of your stomach, the main reason to wear a corset is because you love how it makes you look and feel – not to meet an unrealistic beauty standard.

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