Waist Training Hurting Your Ribs? Try These Tips…

Waist Training Hurt My Ribs

Beauty is pain, right? When it comes to corset-wearing, movies and even history books tell us that this is the case. Stories featuring women being barely able to move or breathe because of their constricting corsets may have left you believing that it’s natural for waist training to hurt. However, that’s simply not the case. 

“Waist training hurts my ribs” is a complaint that should be taken seriously. Waist training may be mildly uncomfortable at times, especially when you first begin wearing a corset. But if your corset is poking, pinching, pulling, or causing any pain, something’s not right. 

4 Tips that Will Turn “Waist Training Hurts My Ribs” into “I Love My Waist Trainer”

Modern corset-wearing does not require a friend to stand behind you and pull at laces with all her might, nor does it entail feeling faint all day because you can’t take a deep breath. Whether you are experienced with waist training or are just getting started, our tips will help you avoid unnecessary corset discomfort. 

1. Size It Right

A good corset is an investment. It’s tempting to buy a size smaller than you need thinking the extra-snug fit will help you reach your goals quicker or save you the money of buying a smaller size later. Unfortunately, neither of those ideas is a viable one. 

Starting with the correct size based on accurate measurements of your waist, hips, bust, and torso is crucial. You may be able to squeeze into a too-small corset, but chances are good you’ll rip the fabric or damage the garment in some way after a few wears. 

Corsets are already meant to fit snugly. If you start with a waist trainer that’s too small, you’ll be uncomfortable and probably won’t be able to wear the item for more than a few minutes a day. 

2. Season Well

You are already bringing the spice, but allowing some time for your corset to break in, or “season,” is the recipe for a positive waist-training experience. Seasoning means wearing your new corset with the laces cinched comfortably snug for one or two hours a day. Then, you slowly increase the wearing time over several weeks until you can keep your corset on for 8–10 hours daily without feeling squeezed. 

Patience is the key to proper seasoning. If you feel like you can’t move, your breathing is constricted, or you are experiencing any pain or bruising, loosen up the laces and wear your corset for a shorter time. 

Waist training isn’t a competition, and no two people have the same exact experience. Following a schedule that’s right for you is the number one priority. 

3. Caution: Go Slowly, Curves Ahead

Adjusting to waist training takes time, even after your corset is properly seasoned. Make sure to keep to your schedule and take breaks or loosen the laces when needed throughout the month or even the day your body changes. 

Water retention, too many carbs on pizza night, or hormonal fluctuations can cause the size of your abdomen to change from one day to the next. If you’re having a bloated day, don’t force yourself to be miserable just because a tighter fit worked yesterday.

Waist training is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistency, not the super tightest lacing you can tolerate without fainting, is the key to success. 

4. If Your Body Is Saying, “Waist Training Hurts My Ribs,” Listen to It

If you’re feeling pain from wearing a corset, something has gone wrong. It could be that you simply started with the wrong size, it hasn’t been seasoned properly, or you’re moving too fast. Alternatively, it’s also possible that corset-wearing just isn’t for you.

If you’re experiencing pain, bruising, rashes, or irritation, don’t give up, but do rethink your waist training plan. If you have purchased a well-made garment made with durable fabric and rigid steel boning, the answer may be to simply start over. Take your time to get a corset that is broken in, and increase your wearing time by no more than 30 minutes every week or two. 

Don’t Forget to Breathe

The last thing we ever want to hear from a customer is that “waist training is hurting my ribs,” but unfortunately, it is a common problem. The good news is that this issue is usually an easy fix. 

If you’re having trouble getting comfortable in your waist trainer, take a breath and take a moment to figure out what you could do differently. 

Whether you’ve already purchased a corset that isn’t fitting the way you think it should, or you’re considering buying your first corset, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service for help. We’re always happy to advise customers like you on which corsets might be best.

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