Is Wearing Corsets a Form of Body Modification?

Is Wearing Corsets a Form of Body Modification?

When you hear the term “body modification”, you might naturally find yourself thinking of piercing, gauging, tattooing, and so on.  You might think the body modification road leads to performers like Eric “Lizardman” Sprague, with his tattooed snakeskin, implants under the eyebrows, split tongue, and teeth filed to points.  Okay, well, first of all, you have a vivid imagination.  Some people just get an ankle tattoo on vacation in Hawaii, you know.

Second, there’s a lot more to body modification than going to these extremes.  Changes don’t necessarily have to be excessive, or permanent.  Technically, any deliberate altering of physical appearance or anatomy could be considered body modification, from the braces you wore as a kid to the breast implants that make you feel more confident about your figure.

Does wearing a corset fall into this category?  Is it a form of body modification?  The simple answer is yes, but let’s talk a little bit about why and what this type of body modification means for those who practice waist training.

Corseting for Body Modification

First, let’s just clarify something.  Not all corsets constitute a move toward body modification.  If you like to wear costume corsetry to liven up a dismal wardrobe or you cinch up a corset for fun on Halloween or your anniversary, it’s not really body modification, although it can temporarily add a little oomph to your hourglass.

In order to venture into the realm of body modification, you must pick steel boned, waist training corsets, and further, you must use them for their intended purpose, wearing them every day and sticking to a schedule of incremental tightening to slowly whittle down your waist.  This activity is intended to make a much bigger change than just wearing a corset once in a while – you will actually modify the size of your waist through your actions.

Semi-Permanent Results

Your beautiful and unique body wants to exist within certain parameters, and through a variety of body modification techniques, you can change your body’s natural shape or appearance.  However, waist training cannot permanently give you a smaller waist.

With waist training you can reasonably see semi-permanent results, which is to say, as long as you’re diligently waist training, your waist will maintain a smaller than normal size.  However, when you stop waist training for an extended period of time, your body will begin to revert to it’s natural shape.  In other words, your hard-earned results will be reversed, sort of like if you stop wearing your retainers and your teeth begin to move back to pre-braces positions.

Changing the Way You Feel

Honestly, an incredible outfit that highlights the best aspects of your figure can transform the way you feel about yourself, at least for a little while.  Body modification, on the other hand, tends to have longer-lasting effects.  As you work to taper your waist line, you’re going to find that you not only gain confidence in your appearance, but that you also get a sense of accomplishment from working to achieve your goals.  Waist training is modification for both your body and your spirit.

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