Can I Wear a Corset with My Belly Button Piercing?

Can I Wear a Corset with My Belly Button Piercing?

Most women understand the concept of suffering for beauty.  Why else would we wear stiletto heels that give us bunions, submit to horrific facial treatments like chemical peels and micro-needling, and spend hours torturing ourselves at the gym when we could be bingeing the new season of Killing Eve instead?

Don’t think the price of beauty is steeper than it once was, either.  At different times in history, women have used toxic cosmetics (containing lead, which PS, is absorbed through the skin), swallowed tape worms to lose weight, and even ingested arsenic as a means of creating a clear complexion.  Ouch.

Then there is body modification.  Even if you’re not keen to go all the way with face lifts, breast and butt implants, liposuction, and all the nips and tucks available via modern surgical techniques, there are minor, yet more or less permanent ways in which you can transform your body.

In modern times, beautification techniques such as tattooing and piercing have become commonplace, while older techniques like using steel boned corsets for waist training are enjoying a recent resurgence.  How do these beauty routines work together?  For example, can you continue wearing your corsets when you get a piercing or tattoo?  Here are a few things you should know.

Belly Button Piercing

Most body piercings won’t have any impact on whether or not you wear a corset, but if you get a belly button piercing, your new jewelry will be smack-dab in the path of the majority of waist training corsets.  Does this mean your corset-wearing days are at an end?  Have you traded your tiny waist for a glitzy embellishment?  No.

While your piercing heals, it’s best to avoid irritation that can trigger redness, swelling, pain, and infection.  This will mean avoiding corsets, high-waisted jeans, and tops that can rub, snag, or otherwise aggravate the area.  It could take anywhere from about 3-6 months, and sometimes up to a year, for a naval piercing to heal completely, depending on your body and how well you care for the piercing.

However, once the piercing site has fully healed, there’s no reason you can’t go back to your regular wardrobe.  If you’re going to wear a corset over a belly button piercing, safety dictates that you put a layer between your skin and the corset.  This will help you to avoid potential issues like rubbing and snagging that could have a negative impact on your piercing.


As with piercings, tattoos sites can be irritated by the clothing you wear.  While your tattoo is healing, you’ll want to avoid tight clothing that rubs the skin at the tattoo site.  After getting a tattoo, you generally have to wait a few weeks before you can submerge the site in water, but it can take up to six months for total recovery.

If you simply can’t wait this long to return to your waist training routine, you just have to be vigilant about checking the state of your sensitive skin at the tattoo site.  If wearing your corset is causing irritation, you need to hold off or risk damaging your new ink.  Once your body mods have healed, you can wear corsetry to your heart’s content.

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