Steel Boned Corset vs. Latex Corset: Comparing Differences

Steel Boned Corset vs. Latex Corset: Comparing Differences

This video will focus on the difference in shape a steel boned corset gives compared to a latex corset. Unlike a latex corset, a steel boned corset is the only type of corset that will enhance your curves and bring definition to your cinched waistline in turn creating an hourglass silhouette.

Video Transcription

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our Glamorous Corset YouTube channel. On today’s episode, we will be discussing the difference between a steel boned corset, which is what Glamorous Corset specializes in, and a latex corset, also known as an exercise corset. Our main focus with this video will be to determine the kind of shape a steel boned corset can give compared to a latex corset.

First, I will be trying on the latex corset which does not have any laces in the back. So, I just have to wrap the corset around and close the front hooks.

Closing the hooks is just a bit challenging because my fat is getting pushed down as I continue to close them. Okay. Little bit of a challenge here.

I will try to see if I can tuck the corset in my pants as I would with one of our corsets. Here we go.

Okay. So, I do see that this corset does not create much of a shape, as you can see everything is pretty much straight and narrow. I have absolutely no curves. Okay.

I don’t have a shape. And my body is very straight. Now, let’s say I wanted to put on my shirt, over it. Again, no shape at all, which I do not really like.

And now, I will be trying on one of our steel boned corsets. This is our Jolie short corset. As you can see, I’ve already loosened up the laces in the back so I can comfortably wrap the corset around, so I don’t have to put any unnecessary tension on it.

The first thing I’ve noticed upon putting on one of our corsets is that the clasps are much easier to close than the clasps on the latex corset. Now, I want to position it comfortably. And begin the tightening process. I could show you exactly what is going on in the back here. All we’re doing is pulling on the x’s up on the top, adjusting the modesty panel, and make sure everything is nice and even.

So, you can instantly see without the corset being fully laced up, and fully tightened, the shape that a steel bone corset gives is completely different than the shape you get from a latex corset.

Okay. Continuing to tighten the corset until I am nice and comfortable and the corset feels nice and snug, like a tight hug.

So, this is what the back looks like. I’m going to give it one last final pull. I feel, I am at my comfortable level.

As you can see, the silhouette that a steel boned corset gives is no comparison to a latex corset. Perhaps a latex corset can be a good choice if you’re looking to exercise and lose some weight. But if you’re looking to enhance your curves, a steel boned corset will definitely do that for you.

Okay. Now, we are going to finalize our process. Now, I’m going to pull up my jeans over the corset. This is the final look.

If you’re looking to enhance your curves, create more of an hourglass shape, a steel boned corset is definitely the way to go.

When purchasing a steel bone corset, you always want to make sure you send in your measurements. So, you can have a corset that works not only well for your body, but works well with your measurements.

And if you wanted to wear your corset under your clothing, this would be how it would look. So, you can clearly still see the hourglass shape.

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