How to Hide Your Corset Laces: V Lacing Video Tutorial

How to Hide Your Corset Laces: V Lacing Video Tutorial

This video is a tutorial on how to hide your corset laces using the V-lacing method. If you are looking for an alternative way to tie your corset without having to make a bow in the back or dealing with any excess laces, we hope you find this video helpful.

Video Transcription

Hello, everyone. And welcome back to our Glamorous Corset YouTube channel. On today’s episode, we will be talking about how to hide your corset laces using the V-lacing method. Here I have our Jolie short corset. Here it is. This is what I will be using for the demonstration today. Again, I’ve already loosened up the laces in the back, so I can comfortably wrap the corset.

I always like to start from the bottom with the busk and work my way up. Position my corset accordingly, so it suits my body and fits well on my body. And now, I begin the tightening process. I will show you what’s going on in the back as well. I’m adjusting the modesty panel, also known as the flap material in the back. Making sure that the back stays nice and parallel. We don’t want to damage the corset or warp the boning. So, as I’m adjusting the fabric in the back, I continue to tighten up the back, maintaining the corset nice and parallel. Just pulling on the x’s on top and tightening a bit more. Now pulling on the x’s on the bottom and tightening a bit more again. I like to alternate between the top and the bottom. This way I have it nice and balanced. Continuing to fix the modesty panel because once it gets too tight, it’s a bit tough to fix and adjust the modesty panel. You can always use a mirror. It’s very helpful and much easier to see what’s going on in the back.

So, I am just about done tightening my corset. I feel comfortable, this is my comfortable level, snug. Back is nice and parallel. This is the front. So, now instead of making our usual bow to finish off. I will show the bow for demonstration purposes. This is our standard bow.

I will be using the V-lacing method to show you guys how you can conceal the laces under your corset. We will make a crisscross and then bring the laces to the front and I will begin by crossing over from left to right. And we will leave these laces alone for a moment. And I will be tucking under my corset, under right over here. And now, I will be tucking the laces under the corset and going all around. What I like to do with the lacing from the other side is throw it over my shoulder, so it does not interfere while I’m doing my tucking of the lacing from the other side. And tucking, all around. Continuing to tuck just under the corset until I have nothing left to tuck in. Adjust my shirt. As you can see, nothing left to tuck. Now, I’m crossing over with this side, to the left, and I am doing the exact same thing, going under the busk and again tucking it from the opposite side now. Continuing to tuck inside the corset, you can always use a mirror to help so you can make sure that everything is tucked away and there is no excess lacing.

This is a great way to conceal the laces, not to have the bulk, especially if you are wearing a corset under your clothing. Opps, tuck this right back in. And we will double check with my fingers by going under the corset, from front to back, all around. Looks like I’m good. Here’s the back. No excess lacing. The front. The final look. The back one more time. As you can see, no bulk in the back. No lacing from the sides.

Once again, guys, what I just demonstrated with the lacing is known as the V-lacing method. And if you’re wondering why it’s called the V-lacing method, it is because when we pull the laces under the busk crisscrossed, it creates the letter V, as you can see right here.

 I hope you enjoyed this video. If you found it helpful, please give us a thumbs up. Please subscribe to our new YouTube channel. And of course, if you have any questions at all, any future videos you would like to see, please let us know guys. We’re always happy to hear from you. Thank you again for watching. And we’ll see you next time. Bye bye

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