Lucy’s Corsetry Review: Lara Velvet Corset with Hip Ties

Lucy's Corsetry Review: Lara Velvet Corset with Hip Ties

Featured Corset: Lara Velvet Underbust Corset with Hip Ties (Navy Blue/Black)

Video Transcription

Hi everybody! Today I’m going to be reviewing the Laura corset with adjustable hip ties finished in blue velvet made by Glamorous Corset.

So here’s the front the side, the back, and the other side. For the length and fit of this corset the center front here is 12 inches at the princess seam here from under the bust to the top of the lap is nine and a half inches. Five and a half inches are from the waist up and four of those inches are from the waist down.

The side seam here it is 11 inches and in the center back it is just under 12 inches. Today I’m wearing the size 22 so it’s 22 inches in the waist when it lays closed at the ribcage here it measures 28 inches so has a 6 inch rib spring and at the hip here it measures 32 inches with the hip ties totally closed so has a 10 inch hip spring.

However the hip ties can be opened at least like 3 inches on each side so it can accommodate up to a 16 inch hip spring if you want to open up these hip ties.

This corset is a little bit more rigid than some of their other corsets possibly because of the thick plush velvet combined with their regular strength fabrics so I find that the rib cage has a little bit less give than some of their other corsets so I find it to be fairly conical.

It definitely does pull in my floating ribs and whereas with some other corsets my rib cage may push out a little bit on the corset this one tends to hold fairly firm at the hip it also wraps their own curves a little bit more gradually.

So if you have a high square hip shelf or if you have very firm inflexible ribs you might want to go with a different style.

So let’s go to the table top portion of this review and I can show you the other details of this corset close-up.

So here is the Lara corset laid flat and for the materials the fashion fabric is this very lovely very deep blue velvet and on the inside here the strength fabric is your standard black cotton twill. And this is what the Glamorous Corset label looks like on both sides and here is the fabric content and cleaning instructions and the size is actually up here underneath the binding.

The pattern is the same as the normal Lara corset that I had reviewed one or two years ago so it’s a six panel pattern so you can see one two three make the front.

This is the side seam here four five six make the back so you can see panels one and two converge down towards the lower tummy so that the bones go over the lower tummy and add a little bit more control.

You can see that the hip tie panel is in between panels two and three so it’s not on the side seam it is like one in front of the side seam panel four is quite narrow but most of the curve over the hip comes from panels three and four and panels five and six round out the back here.

This corset, like all of the other Glamorous Corsets, is constructed using the welt seam method so all of the seam allowances are pointing to the back here. They were actually pretty good about not having a huge top stitch over the velvet because that would flatten the NAP of it but you can see some of the top stitch here in the lining and obviously it’s double boned all the seams you might be able to see the faint outline of the waist tape here so it’s sandwiched it’s an invisible waist tapes sandwich.

Between the layers I can see that is about one inch wide and it goes right from the center front all the way to at least here.

So the binding is made from bias strips of black satin, the same black satin that you see in the center back here and also in the modesty panels.

So this was machine stitched on both the outside and the inside of the corset. On the outside you can see that they stitched in the ditch and on the inside you can see that there is that necessary seam allowance. Additionally, there are six garter tabs – three on each side.

There is an unsent modesty panel in the back of this corset that is just short of six inches wide so it would probably cover a space in the back of about four inches.

It’s finished in black satin on the outside and black cotton twill on the inside. It is attached to one side of the corset you can remove this using a seam ripper if you want to, it’ll probably take out the tags though.

Additionally there is a quarter inch wide modesty placket extending up from the knob side of the busk here, also unstiffened and finished in black satin.

The busk in this corset is 11 inches long and it has five loops and pins, the last two are a little bit closer together for more control over the lower tummy. It is half an inch wide on each side so it’s a standard flexible busk and it has about the standard rigidity as well.

And for the bones I’m turning to the inside of the corset because it’s a little bit easier to see the boning channels from the lining side.

So there’s a total of twenty four bones in this corset – 12 on each side – not including the center front busk here.

So it’s double boned on the seams – 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 – these are all quarter inch wide spiral steel bones and you can see that they do attract my magnet here.

In the center back there are two quarter inch wide flat steel bones surrounding the grommets and these attract my magnet a little bit less but like I explained in previous Glamorous Corset reviews their flat steel bones are made from stainless steel which is less ferrous compared to these spiral steel bones so they tend to have a weaker attraction to a magnet since it contains less iron.

And here’s a close-up of the grommets, there are a total of 24 of them – 12 on each side. They are equally spaced about an inch apart and they are size double zero with a small to medium flash around them.

The panel here that they are actually biting into feels very thick so it feels like this velvet panel actually might go to the center back here but then they you put the satin on top of it for a clean finish. So it’s definitely like this back panel is quite thick.

And here’s the underside of the grommets, you can see that there are washers present. All of the grommets have splits or cracks in them, but they seem to not catch on the laces. But that is more a property of the laces themselves.

And your laces are your standard workhorse, they are quarter-inch wide flat nylon shoelace style lacing. A little bit of spring to them, but they don’t stretch very much. They hold the knots and the bows pretty well and they are definitely long enough so they do their job.

And the laces in the center front are actually made from 3/8 inch wide single faced satin ribbon here in black and so they’re a little bit more slippery than the shoelace in the back. But they don’t need to be pulled super tightly, they’re actually there to help expand the hip and not compress the hip.

These are definitely long enough as well so if you think they’re too long then you could theoretically cut it to your desired length.

So far the Lara corset with hip ties is only available in the blue velvet finish you see here and it is available in sizes eighteen closed waist up to 40 inches closed waist. Its $89 for all sizes, they no longer have the extra fee for plus-size corsets, and if you live within the S.S. you’re pretty lucky because they also give you free two-day shipping. If you are anywhere else in the world they do ship to you, but there is a shipping fee.

So this concludes my review of the Lara corset with hip ties finished in blue plush velvet. I hope you enjoyed it and you learn something new. If you did please remember to click that like button down there as I help support this channel.

If you have any questions about this corset or Glamorous Corset in general, feel free to leave your questions down below. I’d be happy to get back to you or forward questions over to Rachel of Glamorous Corset and if you own this corset or something similar feel free to leave your comments down below because I’m sure many of us would be curious to know your thoughts.

Thanks again for watching and I will see you all next week for another video. Bye!

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