Lucy’s Corsetry Review: Jade Longline Corset

Lucy's Corsetry Review: Jade Longline Corset

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Video Transcription

Hi, everybody. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Jade Longline Corset made by Glamorous Corset. So here’s the front, the side, the back, and the other side.

The center front of this corset is 12 inches. At the princess seam here, from under the bust to the top of the lap, is 10 inches—and it’s pretty well-distributed: 5 inches above the waist, and 5 inches below the waist when measuring the bottom of the waist tape as my marker point for where the waistline is. At the side seam here, it’s just a little bit longer, at 11 inches. And in the center back, it’s a little bit higher again, at 12.5 inches.

Today I’m wearing the size 22, and when I measured it out of the box brand-new, it indeed measured 22 inches in the waist, so it measures true. The ribcage here, the underbust measures 29 inches, so it has a 7-inch rib spring. Now, this is just a tiny bit more of a rib spring than they mentioned on their website. They said that this pattern is drafted to accommodate a 6-inch rib spring. So I actually don’t mind the extra space, because I tend to squish up. So if this is a little bit of an anomaly in measurements, it’s a welcome one, in my case. The high hip here, where you can see it kind of curves over the hip, this is a 10-inch hip spring, so it measures 32 inches when lace closed. And the very bottom edge, just about an inch or an inch-and-a-half lower than that, gives a hip spring of 11 inches. It measured 33 inches.

In terms of the silhouette, this corset is not extremely conical. It does have a little bit of rounding in the ribs here. But it’s not like, markedly round either. Like, when I turned to the quarter profile here, you can see that it is relatively kind of straight here. So I would say that this is more straight than it is round. It will definitely pull in the floating ribs. If you have a tapered ribcage, you will find this sort of corset comfortable, but if you have protruding ribs, you might find that this corset puts quite a lot of pressure on them. The hips are also a little bit rounded, as you can see, that there is a, kind of like a demarcation where you can see that the hip spring kind of juts out and then rounds downwards.

I had a similar situation with this corset as I did with their Dita Corset that I reviewed last year. Because when I first took it out of the box, it didn’t look to be extremely curvy, and when I looked at the product photos again on the model, it didn’t look to be extremely curvy. It did look nice, but not that curvy. But when I put it on—it’s kind of like one of those situations where a piece of clothing is not really that impressive when it’s on the hanger—but it just comes to life when it’s on a body. So I guess this is one of those situations where you just shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

So let’s go to the tabletop portion of this review, and I can show the other details of this corset close up. So here is the Jade Corset laid flat, and for the materials, it’s all cotton twill. So the fashion fabric is made from cotton twill. There is a cotton interlining between the layers, and it is also lined in black cotton twill. This is what the Glamorous Corset label looks like, and it’s on both sides of the label. Here is the fabric content and cleaning instructions. And if you’re looking for the size, that is actually up here by the binding. So you can see the size 22 on that side. And there’s another size 22 on the other side. This corset has a 6-panel pattern, so 1, 2, 3 make the front; 4, 5, 6 makes the back. You can see the side seam here and panels 3 and 4 have plenty of hip spring here, as well as quite a bit of rib spring as well. And panels 1 and 2, they do converge like, a tiny bit, but it is mostly vertical here—and same with panels 5 and 6 in the back here. Panel 5 has a little bit of curve to go over the bump, but yeah. Mostly vertical.

And like all other corsets made by Glamorous Corset, it’s constructed using the welt seam method. So they constructed all the layers together, starting with panel 1, and going towards panel 6—with the seam allowances pressed towards the back here. Top stitch you can see is visible on both the fashion fabric side and on the lining side, because how the welt seam method works, it creates boning channels as you go.

And you can see the faint outline of the waist tape in this corset, so it’s invisibly stitched between the layers. You can see that is 1 inch wide, and it starts here in the center front, right by the busk, and it goes to the back at least towards the seam of panel 6 right there.

The binding is made from matching strips of black cotton twill, and it’s machine-stitched on both the outside and the inside. On the outside, they did a tiny little stitch in the ditch here, and on the inside, you can see that there is a necessary seam allowance. Now, they did not fold under the binding here, so possibly because with the twill binding, maybe it was a little bit too thick and they didn’t want it to be too bulky—so perhaps that’s why they opted to just overlock or serge the seam here and then just stitch it down flat.

Additionally, there are 6 garter tabs in this corset, 3 on each side. And the modesty panel in this corset is a 5.5 inches wide, unstiffened, sewn onto one side of the corset here. If you don’t like modesty panels, you can remove it with a seam ripper, but it’s probably going to take out those tags as well. And it’s finished in black cotton twill on the outside and also on the inside. Additionally, there is a modestly placket extending out from the knob side of the busk there, also unstiffened and finished in the matching black cotton twill. The busk in this corset is 11 inches long, and it has 5 loops and pins. The last 2 are a little bit closer together to give more control over the lower tummy. It’s a half-inch wide on each side, so it’s a standard flexible busk—and it’s about standard rigidity as well.

This corset has a total of 24 bones, 12 on each side, and double-boned on the seams, as I mentioned before, with quarter-inch-wide spiral steel bones. And you can see that they do attract by a magnet. And in the back here, it has a quarter-inch-wide flat steel bones on either side of the grommets. They attract my magnet less. As I mentioned in previous Glamorous Corset reviews, they use stainless steel flat steel bones, which contains less iron. That’s how they get it to rust less, because it contains less iron—but because there’s less iron, it also means that it attracts my magnet less.

And there a total of 24 grommets in the back of this corset, 12 on each side. They are more or less equidistantly apart—little bit more than an inch apart. They are size 00 with a small-to-medium flange around them and finished in silver. And here’s a close-up of the undersides. You can see the washers present. They’re all holding in fairly well. There are splits in each one of these grommets, but they tend to not catch on the laces, because the laces themselves are pretty abrasion-resistant.

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